Africans in France (workers, sans-papiers, etc.)…

Here are some images that could be useful for our discussion about African colonies and African immigration in France on Tuesday.

This one is from an article on “Slate Afrique” on the “sans-papiers”.


This one is from an article on “Media Part” about a protest in Dijon against neoliberalism and modern slavery.


This one is form an article on “Parti Ecologique Ivoirien” on the different voices that claim the regularization of immigrant workers in France.


This is the image they used originally to promote Banania, a French brand of chocolate powder. Analyze this image and think about the reasons why they used a Senegalese “tirailleur” (skirmisher or sharpshooter) to advertise this product.


And this is a great short clip from “Afrique Arte TV” (in French) about African workers who were on strike in Paris to demand the regularization of their situation.

Hopefully you’ll have a chance to take a look at the images/articles and the video before Tuesday, and come to class with concrete ideas about the situation of Africans in France.