Getting Started

Q: Is there a page of general help information available?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0025630

Q: What plugins and themes are available on Sites@Duke?
A: https://duke.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0034197 (Duke NetID Access Only)

Q: How do you get started customizing a site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0025635

Q: How do you control who can see your site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0025521

Using Your Site (General)

Q: How do you turn off comments for a page or post?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-do-i-turn-comments

Q: What file types can be uploaded to the Media Library?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-what-file-types-can-be-uploaded-media-library

Q: What are the file size limits?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-what-are-file-size-limits

Q: How do you use a custom (vanity) domain for a site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0032806

Q: How can I track my sites visitor stats?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-can-i-track-my-duke-wordpress-sites-visitor-stats

Q: How do you make feature requests for Sites@Duke?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-do-you-make-feature-requests-sitesduke

Q: How do you change Site Admins?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-do-you-change-site-admins

Q: How do you add Duke users to your site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0025641

Q: How do you give a non-Duke person access to your site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-what-best-way-give-non-duke-person-access-sitesduke

Q: What are some tips for Student Organizations?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-tips-student-organizations

Using Your Site (Course-Specific)

Q: How do you re-use a course site from a previous semester?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-re-use-course-sites-previous-semester

Q: How do you combine multiple course enrollments into a single site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-how-do-you-combine-multiple-course-enrollments-single-site

Taking Down Your Site

Q: What happens to your Sites@Duke site when you leave Duke??
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-what-happens-your-sitesduke-site-when-you-leave-duke

Q. How do you renew a Sites@Duke site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-renewing-wordpress-site

Q. How do you delete a Site@Duke site?
A: https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sitesduke-delete-wordpress-site