Les Coiffures des Footballeurs

Après avoir lu cette poste de ESPN FC sur les différentes coiffures de David Beckham, il m’a fait me demander pourquoi le monde du football est plein de coiffures pas orthodoxe.  Premièrement, nous examinera quelques catégories de coiffures et après je vais donner quelques pensées sur cette phénomène de coiffures intéressantes dans le monde du… Read More »

USWNT Shows Their Support for Bruce Jenner

Anyone who follows sports, Diane Sawyer, or the Kardashians knows that this week, Bruce Jenner officially announced that he is a transgender woman. In a two hour-long interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner explained that this is an issue he’s been dealing with for all of his life (and that he would prefer to be called… Read More »

Headgear is Ok, but a Hijab Isn’t?

A while back we were asked to read a piece “The Hijab on the Pitch” by our very own Professor Dubois. This piece introduced me to some information and perceptions some people have on the hijab. Introduced with a fierce image of the Iranian Women’s national team, I was in awe when I read that… Read More »

Soccer Violence Escalates with Economic Woes

On Saturday in Belgrade, Serbia, fans of the soccer team Red Star were very angry about being penned in at the stadium before a match against rival Partizan. This caused many of the fans to begin ripping out the hard plastic seats and hurling them at the police. Partizan fans rained dozens of flares on… Read More »

2007 Women’s World Cup in China

Host: China (for the second time) Dates: September 10- September 30 Winner: Germany Golden Ball Winner: Marta (Brazil) Golden Shoe Winner: Marta (Brazil) with 7 goals The German team celebrating their World Cup victory (Dowling)   Precedents Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup only originated in 1991, the tournament was still evolving. As such, the… Read More »

Histoire Court des Equipes dans le semi de Ligue des Champions

L’image au dessus (que vient de graphiste Emilio Sansolini) des maillots vielles de ces équipes dans les semis de ligue des champions me fait penser de l’histoire de chaque équipe, quand ils portaient ces maillots ici. Pour moi, ces équipes (avec quelques plus en Angleterre) sont les gardiens de football – les équipes avec le plus… Read More »

Pia Sundhage – Sweden’s next men’s football coach?

As I’ve been reading through multiple articles surrounding the build-up to the 2015 Women’s World Cup for the Swedish team, one name has consistently come up: Pia Sundhage. The former coach of the US women’s national team, and now the current coach of the Swedish women’s national team, is revered by both players and fans.… Read More »

Goal Scoring Goalie?

Perhaps unknown to soccer fans outside of Brazil, Rogério Ceni is somewhat of a legend in Brazil, especially to fans of São Paulo FC, the team he’s played at his entire professional career (since 1993). Ceni is known for being extremely loyal to São Paulo: he holds the record for most matches played as captain… Read More »