Class Projects from the University of Virginia on the Summer 2024 Copa America, Euros & Olympics

By | May 28, 2024

This semester, students in UVA’s “Soccer Politics” class produced a range of digital projects focused on this summer’s tournaments. You can explore them through the links below. Many of the projects will be updated with content and discussion as the tournaments unfold.


Chelsea Divers, Avery Dougald, James Hawkins, Ian Iskra & Ben Wieland invite you into Copa América 2024: All Access

Omar Mckinney & Kaukab Rizvi on Copa América Mapped & Wrapped, on the infrastucture of the tournament

Slater Sparks, Tucker Hebert, Mamoun Ibrahim, Mukaii Mhaka take a deep dive into the story of USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter


Aaron Alem, Oliver Bair, William Kelly & Femke Groot offer a Guide to the 2024 Euros

Andrew Crowder, Harry Farley, Lucas Haddock, Sasha Porter, Zachary Mills share a portrait of England’s Golden Generation

Asad Shamsiev demonstrates that Scotland will Win the 2024 Euros


Spenser Duval & Emma Singer map out The Road to Gold: Inside the 2024 Olympics Women’s Soccer

Daniel Bojo, Bailey Greggs & Gracie Heil put together their 2024 Olympics Women’s Soccer Dream Squad

Morgan Greig & Ryan Nelson explore the economic & political consequences of France’s hosting of soccer games at the 2024 Olympics

Emma Reilly, Baillie McNitt, Ashley Hall offer a guide to Football at the 2024 Summer Olympics

Conor Murphy shares a look at the history and future of Olympic Soccer

Sophia White, SB Poulsen, Taya Lorenz & Nora Grabcheski introduce the Leading Ladies of the 2024 Olympics

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