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Sous les lumières et dans l’obscurité : mon expérience en Inde en tant que jeune fille (03/24/20)

Dans Under the Lights and In the Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer, ancienne joueuse de foot à Duke Gwendolyn Oxenham met en lumière les obstacles inimaginables que les femmes du monde entier doivent traverser juste pour jouer au foot comme leurs homologues masculins. De nos jours, les femmes de l’équipe nationale féminine des États-Unis… Read More »

Le football, est-il universel? Analyse du roman, “Le Ventre de l’Atlantique”

On estime généralement que le football est une langue universelle—n’import ’où dans le monde, il est probable qu’on y trouvera soit des joueurs, ou soit des fanatiques du football. Dans son livre, Le Ventre de l’Atlantique, l’écrivaine Fatou Diome confronte les inégalités postcoloniales qui existe entre la France et ses anciennes colonies à travers une… Read More »

What If? An Exploration of Kobe Bryant’s Soccer Roots

Despite a lackluster 17-65 farewell season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant capped off a stunning NBA career with authority on Wednesday April 14th. In front of a sold-out Staple Center crowd against the Utah Jazz, the Black Mamba ended the 1,346th and final game of his 20 year career (1) with 60 points on 50… Read More »

Coach K, Jay Heaps and an Improbable Relationship

He paces along the sidelines, arms crossed. Sometimes, he sits, hand on chin. Nevertheless, his expression remains stern, almost intimidating to the participants and referees alike. He closely observes the contest in its entirety, never once shifting his attention away from the action before his eyes. Such mannerisms may be aptly ascribed to Mike Krzyzewski,… Read More »

Concussions: A Humorous Approach

You’ve probably never heard a Tarheels-Bulldogs matchup lauded about in the history books. In fact, you probably don’t even know who that is. And you shouldn’t. There is nothing too special about the Yale Bulldogs or the University of North Carolina Tarheels when it comes to soccer. However, you may be one of the 36.5… Read More »