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Sous les lumières et dans l’obscurité : mon expérience en Inde en tant que jeune fille (03/24/20)

Dans Under the Lights and In the Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer, ancienne joueuse de foot à Duke Gwendolyn Oxenham met en lumière les obstacles inimaginables que les femmes du monde entier doivent traverser juste pour jouer au foot comme leurs homologues masculins. De nos jours, les femmes de l’équipe nationale féminine des États-Unis… Read More »

India: Back to its English roots

When I used to visit India quite frequently as a child, the focal point of the sports culture revolved around cricket. No matter what street you were on or what field you were playing at, cricket always established an entertainment culture to the population. India, though a dominant world player in cricket (winning multiple world… Read More »

U17 World-Cup awarded to India

Despite football’s massive popularity in the world, the world’s four largest countries by population are, for the most part, quite disinterested in the game. The Chinese prefer basketball, the Indians are obsessed with Cricket, the United States has it’s Big 4 sports (Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Ice Hockey), while Indonesia loves its Badminton. If… Read More »

Soccer Potential in India

Being ‘the global game’ it is sometimes surprising why there is no mention of India. They have a hard working, extremely large population in a country that has been expanding through its industrial age. When I visit, I see international jerseys everywhere, so it’s quite true that soccer fans are in number in India. I… Read More »