Euro 2016 Referees: The Stories Behind the Whistle

by Rafae Alam


UEFA Euro 2016 logo | Source: Image is in the Public Domain. More info can be found here

As the players of the many teams competing at Euro 2016 get ready to perform at the tournament, another group of individuals will be looking to do the same in a somewhat different fashion. That group will be the referees, who will be taking the field in the hopes that their matches can go as smoothly as possible, and that they can officiate well enough so that they continue to get selected to referee more high-profile tournaments. While the players will be looking to make the headlines, the referees will likely be hoping to do the opposite. After all, having your name in large, bold letters in a news article is rarely a good thing as a referee. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the person at the center of the match has a name, a story, and a particular lens through which they see the match. Here, we look at some of the Euro 2016 referees with the most impressive credentials and interesting takes on the rules of the game.

Martin Atkinson (England)

Felix Brych (Germany)

Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)

Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)

Milorad Mažić (Serbia)


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