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The Controversy of South Korea: 2002 World Cup

If one were to take a look at the results of the 2002 World Cup, one might applaud the South Korean underdogs of the tournaments for rising up to the occasion and advancing over heavy favorites. In reality, it’s one of the most controversial tournaments in the history of the World Cup. The controversy started… Read More »

Album del mundial

Desde el mundial en Alemania en el 2006 he intentado llenar el álbum del mundial. El álbum, creado e impreso por Panini, tiene fotos de los jugadores organizados por equipo. Incluye estadísticas y datos importantes de los diferentes participantes e imagines relevantes como el escudo del equipo y la bandera del país. Como crecí en… Read More »

A Case Against VAR

The referee’s role in a soccer match is unique in sports.  In his book Soccer in Sun and Shadow, Eduardo Galeano describes the ref as “An abominable tyrant who runs his dictatorship without opposition, a pompous executioner who exercises his absolute power with an operatic flourish.”  The relationship between the ref and the players is… Read More »

Hublot and the referee board.

Something’s up. So. Every so often in soccer, one of the teams will sub out a player. (It’s a pretty common occurrence, I’m sure you’ve seen it before.) The incoming player and an accompanying referee walk out to the middle of field. That referee has this, kind of pointless, job of holding up a display… Read More »

The State of Corruption in FIFA

In the summer of 2015, US authorities indicted 14 powerful constituents associated withe the FIFA governing body, including two FIFA vice presidents and five corporate executives. The indictments were issued for 47 different counts of criminality, including wire fraud, racketeering conspiracy, money laundering, and corruption. The 14 individuals in question were arrested at a luxury… Read More »

Understanding the Women’s Game – A Journey of Panels

This week I had the pleasure of listening to Gwendolyn Oxenham, author of Under the Lights and In the Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer, as well as a panel of Women’s Soccer figures: Dan Levy, agent for many of the players of the USWNT, Anson Dorrance, coach of UNC’s women’s soccer team, Carla Overbeck,… Read More »

From Brooklyn to Omaha to Johannesburg: Reflecting on Heartbreak and Missed Opportunities

My heart broke in Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve dreamed of going to the Final Four for as long as I can remember. As all kids do, I dreamed of being the star player. I imagined leading my team through the tournament and hitting the buzzer-beating shot in the national championship game. I visualized confetti streaming down… Read More »

With the USMNT Out of the Running, Find Out Which World Cup Team You Should Root For

I’m a big fan of Nate Silver’s For anyone interested in in-depth statistical analysis of sports, politics, economics, and culture presented in engaging and interactive formats, I really suggest you visit the site. As fans of the beautiful game, I’m sure that the site’s club soccer predictions will be particularly interesting for readers of the… Read More »

Est-ce que le foot peut être plus qu’un jeu?

Je croyais que le commentaire de Winner sur le Coupe du Monde en 1974 était très intéressant. Winner décris l’impact de la perte du jeu comme représentant de plus que seulement le jeu. Pour les hollandais, la défaite contre les Allemagnes soulevé l’animosité persistante du Deuxième Guerre Mondiale. Winner écrit « [Hermann von der Dunk]… Read More »