Media Coverage of the 2015 World Cup

How do you know that the World Cup is coming up? Fans, players, and FIFA administrators probably know that 2015 is a year for the women’s World Cup. Those who are less involved, however, probably hear about it through the media. Whether it be in print, on television, or on the internet, the promotion of the 2015 World Cup has a growing media presence. From Fox’s commitment to thorough coverage of the tournament to the active social media presence of the players, media coverage of the worldwide event has certainly changed over the last twenty-four years.

Table of Contents

Sexism in the Media

Coverage of the Most Recent Women’s World Cup

Planned Coverage for 2015 Women’s World Cup

USWNT Player’s Endorsements 

USWNT Videos & Appearances

Journalists to Watch

Social Media Presence of Individual Players

On this page, we will be addressing media coverage of the 2015 Cup. In particular, we’ll be examining sexism in the media, and how that sexism plays a role in the media. We will also be looking at media and broadcast statistics from the most recent Women’s World Cup in 2011, in addition to providing a synopsis of the planned media coverage for the upcoming World Cup this summer in Canada. We will also take a look at USWNT players’ endorsements and their appearance in web series and television shows. In addition, this blog will cover journalists to watch at the World Cup this summer. Finally, we will move to the roles of individual players in self-promotion. How does their social media presence encourage people to watch them? How do individual players interact with the media, even outside of a soccer context?


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