Players and Migration

By Aron Yassin & David Carlson


Through the lenses of club and national football, we are able to gain a better understanding of how the migration of professional football players has impacted the world’s most cherished game. Football has been shaped by the broader geopolitical dynamics of the modern age. Navigating through the channels of globalization, football players have found themselves overseas and on all corners of the globe, dramatically changing the way societies value the contributions of foreigners.  These foreigners come in multiple ways, including both being part of immigrant families and being bought on the club team transfer market.  We explore the club side and the implication of player transfer and its laws in Player Movement, Club Football, and the National Game. Additionally, we explore the fluid nature of modern society and nationality by examining both the French national team in 1998 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s role in Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Players and Migration

  1. Angel Garza Reyna

    This is a very remarkable point made very often, even in lectures. The movement of soccer players around the world is a questionable act. Since money rules who get recruited or transferred, there are inequalities between countries. I am not sure if there is a national team or even club team, that is still 100% their national team.

  2. Yeboah Prince

    hi an Ofori and I have a bother he is a footballer and wants to migrate to Canada need assistance please


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