Playing Style Differences

Comparing Women’s and Men’s National Teams



Men’s play styles vs. Women’s play styles

The upcoming 2015 Women’s World Cup is fast approaching and learning the differences between men’s and women’s play styles can help any type of viewer better their watching experience. Many people argue that Women play a slower paced game and some might say it’s not as entertaining to watch. However these women are extremely talented and yes their style of play may be different but it is by no means boring. We attempt to take a look at some of the main differences between men’s and women’s play styles. We look at everything from formations to fouls committed in an attempt to better understand characteristic differences between men and women. We decided the best way to analyze this is to choose countries that have popular men’s and women’s national teams. Below are the links to our country pages that outline the differences between men’s and women’s play styles.


Brazil Women vs. Men by Andrew Istler


Germany Women vs. Men by Can Tuncer


Japan Women vs. Men by Dan Summers


USA Women vs. Men by Alex McIlvaine



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3 thoughts on “Playing Style Differences

  1. Laurent Dubois

    It would be great to provide a bit more introductory text summarizing some of the larger issues you are dealing with. Also, this needs to be placed under the “World Cup 2015” guide (using that as its parent page); this will also change the url so you’ll need to re-do the links to the page.

  2. Dylan Newman

    I thought it would be really interesting to see if women or men tend to run more on average during games. I know FIFA keeps this stat handy, so it would be really cool to compare distance ran in games between males and females.

    Also, another interesting comparison would be the average number of goals scored in the Men’s World Cup vs the Women’s.

    I’m sure you guys have considered this, but I thought it would be interesting, especially for the introduction page.


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