Women’s Professional Leagues in Notable Countries

Some of the most prominent national soccer teams in the world are countries that also have some of the most prestigious professional sports leagues. Much of the reason behind this phenomenon is that professional leagues are multifaceted pillars of support for the national teams in which they exist. Professional leagues are often catalysts for the popularity of a sport in a country as they encourage people to gain interested in said sport. As a sport increases in popularity, its cultural importance rises and more people come to the country to play. Second, professional leagues act as year round training grounds for players that may eventually play for a country’s national team.

United States: National Women’s Soccer League by Connie Cai

Germany: Allianz Frauen-Bundesliga by Justin Fu

Japan: L. League by John Shin

England: Women’s Super League by Carlos Reyes

Sweden: Damallsvenskan by Will Clark

Australia: Westfiel W-League by Davis Muthoka

It should be noted that, while we find a generally strong correlation between the performances of the women’s national team and the popularity of the professional leagues, the nations explored in this page all have an established, strong national team. As women’s soccer continues to grow, other newground national teams are continuing to surface and develop, as well as their professional leagues. Our Women’s World Cup 2015 guide have also provided details to some of such grassroot national teams, such as the Ivory Coast – details could be found (in French) in this page.

It would be crucial to continue observing the breakouts of new women’s professional leagues, and their relationships with their national teams, of such newcomers, before we could draw any general conclusions on the prominence of such relationship.

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