Men’s World Cup 2018 Guide

Students in the Spring 2018 edition of “Soccer Politics” have prepared these pages, in English, French, Italian, and Spanish, to offer a wide-ranging guide to the Summer 2018 Men’s World Cup.

Les Équipes Africaines (écrit par Ozi Boms et Eyram Klu)


Cliquez sur ce lien pour en savoir plus sur toutes les équipes africaines de la coupe du monde de cette année. Obtenez des détails tels que les joueurs clés, les entraîneurs et le parcours de chaque équipe.

Gear (Written by Michael Olson and Noor Tasnim)

Cristiano Ronaldo sports the latest Nike kit technology (Image from Nike News).

Check out our section to learn all about gear in this World Cup! You’ll find loads of posts about the kits, cleats, and wearable technology players will be sporting in Russia!


Favorites and Dark Horses (By Soravit Sophastienphong, Vidit Bhandarkar, Faris Albarghouthi, and Shirom Kapur)


Watch a panel discussion about the favorites and dark horses of this year’s World Cup to learn about each team’s qualifier results, tactics, and key players!


Messi vs. Ronaldo – The Final Showdown? (Philemon Kiptoo, Vinay Kshirsagar),_9th_February_2011.jpg

Learn about the Messi-Ronaldo debate and gain some context for what may be their last World Cup together!


Take a deeper look into the corruption and politics surrounding Russia’s 2018 World Cup Bid! (Michael McAloon, Nathaniel Cooney, and Jan Maceczek)


Learn about all the managers for the 2018 men’s World Cup! (Nikhil Kaul and Will Cohen)


Learn more about the playing styles of the favorites for the 2018 World Cup! (Luke Berndt and Jake Seau)


Everything you need to know about the Culture and History of Russia for those traveling to the 2018 World Cup: Read Now!  (Carolina Herrera)


Dive deeper into the USMNT’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup!


Le squadre che mancano quest’anno (di Mia Borger, Alec Schenk, e Julia Weber)

Le bandiere delle squadre mancanti

Chi manca alla Coppa del Mondo 2018le squadre più grandi che non si sono qualificate


Want to root for an underdog? Read about all of the underdog teams here! (Jack Bloomfeld, Lucas Carter, David Duquette, and Alex Torres)


Controversias y corrupción antes de la Copa Mundial del 2018 escrito por Jonathan Fuste y Noah Martin

Se puede explorar todo que tiene que ver con el torneo–los equipos, los grupos, los premios, y las eliminatorias–por este panel de expertos que incluye Davis Lovvorn, Matías Navarro y Simón Ríos: Panel de expertos sobre la Copa Mundial de 2018.

Les histoires des pays qui jouent dans la Coupe du Monde pour la première fois par Stephanie Mayle, Amelia Klitenic, Pranav Ganapathy

L’importance des sponsorisations dans le foot, écrit par Laura Baker, Antoine Esber et Christie Samios

Los Estadios de la Copa en 2018 y 2022  (Allison Geary)

Argentina, España, y Uruguay – Luisa Stalman, Grant Newman, and Angel Cueva Reyes

Les controverses autour de la coupe du monde 2018, (AnnaPJ, Pierre Thomas et ZwZ)

Here we discussed how doping has affected the Russian 2016 Winter Olympics and its greater implication on the 2018 World Cup.