Written by Michael Olson and Noor Tasnim

Welcome to the gear section for the 2018 World Cup! Here, you’ll find almost anything you could possibly want to know about gear! You might know too much once you’re done reading so pace yourself. We’ve got it covered, all the way from kits to cleats. To be honest, those are pretty much the only fundamental pieces that make up gear. (Trust me, it’s hard to write more than 100 words about shin guards. They protect your shins. Done.) But hey, it’s 2018, so we thought it made sense to explore some of the wearable technology as well. Teams use wearable technology during practice to get better in-game results. Click on the graphics below to start exploring! Hope you enjoy!

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Kits – Mike Olson

Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems – Noor Tasnim










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