FIFA in comparison to The Euro Cup

The UEFA European Championship, or Euro Cup, is held every four years and is a competition to determine which senior men’s national team is the most dominate. The Euro Cup first debuted in 1960, holding a finals competition among the top 24 teams out of the total 54 eligible to compete. Germany and Spain boast the most Euro Cup Championships with three each. This coming June, The European Cup will take place in France and the 24 qualifying countries will be divided into six brackets.

In this blog I will be examining the accuracy of first round matches in the 2016 Euro Cup. I will conduct this analysis by randomly selecting four first round matchups and simulating these matches on the Xbox One. I will record the statistics that each match produces and take detailed notes regarding interplay nuances from passing style to momentum shifts. The matches that will be analyzed are: France vs. Romania, England vs. Russia, Northern Ireland vs. Poland and Italy vs. Belgium.


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