Copa America Centenario 2016 Managers

            Fans, players and referees all impact the game in their own unique ways but no single person has more influence on the strategy of the game than the managers. Managers run training, and chose their starting XI. This responsibility though is a double edged sword as it allows managers to absorb lots of praise when a team plays with a certain style and dominants a game, but also allows them to be blamed for poor performances and lack of team chemistry or identity. This responsibility and weight is felt by all managers, but especially by Jurgen Klinsmann, Dunga, Noel Sanvicente, Juan Antonio Pizzi, (Managers of the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile, respectively). For all these managers this tournament will mean a lot in terms of how they are viewed by fans and more importantly for them, their job security. In the below pages I will examine each managers position and how the Copa America will affect their job status.


Group A:

United States

Group B:


Group C:


Group D: