World Cup 2014 Guide

Students in Duke University’s Fall 2013 “Soccer Politics” class have created this guide to provide historical perspective, political and cultural analysis, and soccer background about the upcoming global competition starting June 12, 2014 in Brazil. Informative, controversial, exciting, and even musical, this comprehensive guide will prepare anyone to play both soccer hooligan and intellectual football scholar. Please enjoy the topics below.



The United States and the 2014 World Cup

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Written by Matt Darlow, Julianna Miller, Bryan Silverman and Dan Carp


Stories from the 2014 Qualifiers


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Exciting and surprising stories from the road to the 2014 World Cup.

Written in 2013 by Colby Shanafelt, Ian Bruckner, and Tuck Stapor

Edited and Updated in 2015 by Jake Toffler, Aissa Huysmans, Davis Muthoka & Dylan Newman


Players to Watch at the 2014 World Cup


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Profiles of the players to watch next summer from each team

Written in 2013 by Austin Ness, Michael Reintgen, Alessandro Barel Di Sant Albano, Jun Yoon, Avery Rape, Gilda Doria, Kavin Tamizhmani, Matt Berezo, Colby Leachman, and Ramsey Al-Khalil


Brazil: More than Soccer, Samba, and Carnival

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An overview of Brazil in terms of politics, corruption, society, and research

Written in 2013 By Jarrett Link, Lindsey Barrett, Vishnu Kadiyala and Basil Seif

Edited and updated in 2015 by Nakul Karnik, Andrew Bihl, and Anthony Russo (2015)


FIFA’s Institutional Politics


(Thumbnail image from The Times UK)

Written in 2013 by Brittney Balser, Christina Malliris, Caitlin Moyles, and Maggie Lin


The 2010 South Africa World Cup (highlights, politics, & lessons for Brazil)

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Written in 2013 by Ramsey Al-Khalil, Jordan Cirocco, Halsey Friedel, Sanket Prabhu, and Christopher Nam


 World Cup 2014 Fan Guide

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An anglophone and francophone guide to the culture and history of Brazil for those traveling to the 2014 World Cup

Written by Becca Fisher, Elena Kim, Vinay Kumar, Matthew Schorr, Patricia Spears, Rosa Toledo, and June Zhang

Edited and Updated by Brian Wolfson, Catherine Foy, Houston Warren, and Alex Mcllavine, Reyina Senatus


World Cup Referees

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Your guide to all things related to World Cup referees:

Blunders, who to expect in Brazil, and an overview of the FIFA referee selection process.

Written in 2013 by Natasha Catrakilis, Morganne Gagne, and Lauren Oliveri

 Edited and updated in 2015 by Harrison Kalt, Shiv Gidumal, Margaret Rote, Frannie Sensenbrenner, and Spencer Davidson


National Anthems: The Music of the World Cup

Ghana national football team (Black Stars) badge and national anthem

(Thumbnail from Wikimedia Commons)

A guide to understanding the significance behind each national anthem you will hear at the 2014 World Cup.

Written in 2013 by Jordan Pearson

Edited and Updated in 2015 by Hector Morales, Jesús Hidalgo, Paige Newhouse, and Bridget Willke

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