Guide to Global Soccer Blogs

Students in the Duke University class “Soccer Politics” in the Fall of 2013 and the Spring of 2015 developed this guide and analysis of global football media.

You can browse according to the categories below, including exploring blogs in French, German and Spanish.

This is only a partial representation of the vast and wonderful world of soccer blogging, since the students were invited to choose which blogs they wanted to write about. We will try and expand and continue this project with additional blogs. In addition to these, for some of our favorite sites see the “Links” page on the sidebar.

Country Blogs

Fan Blogs

Francophone Blogs

German Language Media

Grassroots Football Blogs

Humor Blogs

Italian Language Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs

News Blogs

Niche Blogs

Spanish Language Blogs

Tactical and Statistical Blogs

Team Blogs

Women’s Football Blogs

World Cup Blogs





2 thoughts on “Guide to Global Soccer Blogs

  1. Robert Gaspar Majestic

    This is a great article! I’m pleased to know that there are still a lot of students who are interested in writing blogs about soccer. This guide will surely be a big help to them.


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