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London is Red. And Blue and White.

The major football clubs in London are not particularly fond of each other. Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham are the Premier league clubs to all call London home, and the hatred that these clubs’ supporters have for one another is real. This phenomenon is not exclusive to London, however. Many cities have multiple clubs… Read More »

African Soccerscapes: A Review

Soccer has been utilized as a civilization tool. (Alegi 1) This was accomplished by the use of ports and railroads by colonial militaries and police forces. (8) Additionally, mission schools and government schools became involved and promoted soccer by integrating soccer into the curriculum. (9) This was a win-win for both Africans and colonist (13)… Read More »

Questions sur African Soccerscapes

Quels rôles jouait l’éducation physique dans la colonisation ? Pourquoi les dirigeants des mines en Afrique du Sud encourageaient-ils des équipes de football constituées exclusivement des membres d’un même groupe ethnique ? Comment des cultures de football sont-elles nées au sein de groupes distincts en Afrique ? Comment le football a-t-il contribué à la constitution d’une identité nationale… Read More »

Le football, est-il universel? Analyse du roman, “Le Ventre de l’Atlantique”

On estime généralement que le football est une langue universelle—n’import ’où dans le monde, il est probable qu’on y trouvera soit des joueurs, ou soit des fanatiques du football. Dans son livre, Le Ventre de l’Atlantique, l’écrivaine Fatou Diome confronte les inégalités postcoloniales qui existe entre la France et ses anciennes colonies à travers une… Read More »

Sadio Mane’s ability

Sadio Mane is one of the best soccer players today for sure. Likely the first place loser to Lionel Messi. Sadio Mane is from Senegal and plays for the Liverpool F.C who is a Senegal National professional team. Sadio is a forward and he has a lot of ability. Sadio has many skills that he… Read More »

Erling Haaland: Ascenso al estrellato

El 18 de enero de 2020, la sensación noruega de 19 años debutó en el club de la Bundesliga alemana Borussia Dortmund contra el FC Augsburg. Incluso con su corta edad y su falta de familiaridad con su nuevo club, Haaland logró casi lo imposible, anotando un hattrick en solo 23 minutos después de venir… Read More »

Football to a non-fan

With billions of fans, tens of billions of dollars, and a history just as impressive, football’s presence and influence on the world mercilessly grips the title of the biggest sport in the world. Few entities on this planet can display banners as big as football’s in humanity’s collective psyche. But while football may be the… Read More »