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A Collection of Commercials

Advertising has always played a big role in the financial aspect of football, read: The Money, and we constantly see brand names: either lining historic, sacred stadium walls or plastered on the front of our beloved teams’ jerseys. Generally, the branding and marketing arms of football are looked at through a pessimistic lens. However, there… Read More »

The Current State of the US Men’s National Team

Team USA’s defeat against Trinidad and Tobago and resulting failure to qualify for the world cup has sparked a debate about the current state of US soccer and the infrastructure in place.  It marked the first time in 30 years that the US did not make the cut and came at a time when there… Read More »

El propósito del Fútbol en One Goal

Cuando estaba leyendo One Goal, me llama atención al tema principal del libro: la capacidad del deporte integrar grupos diferentes. Pues, es obvio a la vista primera que el fútbol tiene esta habilidad como el deporte más popular en todo el mundo. Pero el deporte y el fútbol tiene un poder mantener o guardar una… Read More »

¿Béisbol con los pies?

Los países del Caribe, especialmente la Republica Dominicana, históricamente han sido reconocidos por su pasión y su alto nivel en el béisbol; sin embargo, en los últimos años un nuevo deporte ha empezado a infiltrar las calles y los patios en los barrios. El fútbol es un deporte relativamente nuevo en el mundo deportivo dominicano… Read More »

Resilience, Homelessness, and Fighting from the Ground Up

When reading Under the Lights and in the Dark, by Gwendolyn Oxenham, I gained a unique glimpse into the livelihood and experiences of famous women’s soccer players. As progressive as a country or region can claim to be, it is quite obvious what their actual values are towards gender roles and women when understanding how… Read More »

NCFC: The State of Soccer

After working for several years the North Carolina Football Club failed to receive a MLS bid, but why? Raleigh measured up to the other markets on many metrics. Raleigh already has a professional men’s soccer team, but so do many of the twelve MLS expansion applicants. The Triangle is a top 25 television market, but… Read More »

Howler by De Gea

**This blog post draws inspiration from the capturing the game assignment that our class did in the beginning of the year. I noticed that quite a few of the assignments described phenomenal goals from the perspective of the goal scorer. However, I didn’t notice any of the posts describe the anguish, despair, or embarrassment that… Read More »

L’inegalité sur et en dehors du terrain de football

Ce semestre, nous avons lu l’histoire du club de football féminin Dick, Kerr, de Gail Newsham. Ce chapitre de l’histoire du football féminin montre à quel point les récits entourant ce sport ont délibérément ignoré les contributions des femmes au développement du football. Newsham raconte comment la FA a interdit le football féminin en 1921… Read More »

¡La Final en Madrid cada vez más cerca!

Los cuartos de final ya son historia y la final en Madrid de la UEFA Champions League está cada vez mas cerca. Los cuartos de final nos dejaron grandes sorpresas, la más grande siendo la victoria del Ajax sobre la Juventus de Turín. Con esta victoria, el Ajax terminó con la racha victoriosa en Champions… Read More »

Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea & Manchester United: A Battle for Champion’s League Placement

As the Premier League comes to close next month, to say the 2018-2019 season was thrilling would be an understatement. Since January, fans have been watching the Manchester City v. Liverpool saga closely for which club will be crowned Premier League Champions. While many watch the two flip-flop between 1st and 2nd place, a fierce… Read More »