Liverpool FC: Invincibles no more!

By | April 29, 2020


The possible Invincibles season is over! With Liverpool being my favorite team, it was exciting to watch this incredible run and I am disappointed, but it isn’t the end of the world. This surely isn’t as bad as letting the title slip in the past (and more than once!). With the title as good as won, we just had to make sure to give Arsenal fans something to be happy about.

Should Liverpool fans be worried? No, the current core Liverpool team has had trouble against Troy Deeney and company this season. Earlier this season, Watford should have won against our side, but they were poor in front of goal. It is a team specific thing, and will not translate any further.

Now, for everyone discussing whether or not the humiliating defeat will affect their standing in Europe. I think it was a good wake-up call for the team. When you’re used to winning and playing in winning form, there’s no fire on the pitch. I don’t think Liverpool will lose any more games for the season. I expect them to come out in their next Champions League Match against a strong Atletico Madrid side and not only win, but dominate. They have the talent to do so. And with Salah, Firmino, Mane in front, there is no telling what goal difference they will run up.

How do you guys think Liverpool will finish the season? Will they beat the points record in the Premier League? Will they win the ultimate European crown?

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  1. michael

    i know this is a really old post but i was just reading now but how wrong were you in this match . i just had to say it


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