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Soccer’s Pre-emptive Public Holiday Curse

Soccer can sometimes feel like an alternate reality, an escape. On a hard-earned weekend, a manual laborer and his friends might be able to gather for a couple of hours and kick the ball around.  Sheltered children shuttled in minivans from their identical suburban houses to florescent-lit schools can find release on the pitch. A… Read More »

La Injusticia del Trofeo Zamora

Todos los años, el Trofeo Zamora, el premio al “mejor” portero del año de la Liga Santander, es otorgado por el diario deportivo Marca al portero que menos goles ha recibido (siempre y cuando haya jugado más de 28 partidos con 60 minutos jugados en cada uno). ¿Pero, acaso es justo este indicador para decidir… Read More »

Superclásico de las Américas: Argentina v Brasil

[Imagen:] Se puede decir que la rivalidad icónica entre Argentina y Brasil no tiene comparación en el mundo de fútbol internacional. Es una rivalidad competitiva, histórica, y a veces controversial, pero es una rivalidad puramente de fútbol. No hay duda que hay otras rivalidades con una gran influencia de política y guerra, pero en este… Read More »

Una promoción, por cortesía de Donald Trump

Cuando yo estudiaba en Buenos Aires el año pasado, le pedía a mi familia de acogida muchas preguntas sobre la selección argentina.  Y ellos me preguntaban mucho sobre Donald Trump.  Como estudiante de la ciencia política, ellos me esperaban que pudiera contestar sus preguntas sobre esta situación ridícula que está pasando en la política de los Estados… Read More »

Barcelona, and Clubs Strangle Hold on International Play

Barcelona as a club has limited two of its largest star’s, (Lionel Messi and Neymar) ability to play in international competition this summer. Both players play for teams that will this summer compete in both the Copa America and Rio 2016 Olympics.   In Messi’s case, this isn’t the first time this has happen. In 2004… Read More »

Square+R2, or Look at His Dab.

Adolfo Dybala always wanted his children to become professional football players. Two older brothers could not make their father’s dream come true, so Adolfo decided to invest all possible resources into his youngest son, Paulo. Both of them had to drive 35 miles from their hometown, Laguna Larga, to Cordoba everyday. Laguna Larga was such a small… Read More »

Book Review: “Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America” by Joshua Nadel

To think of football as just as a game is to ignore not only its relationship to national identities, but also its instrumental role in forging these identities. In his book Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America, Joshua Nadel sheds valuable light on this role by examining the impact of football in Argentina, Honduras,… Read More »

Protecting the Referees

As athletes go, the inexperienced and least-skilled players can get more passionate about the game than the professionals. Outside the professional leagues, players across all sports are not held to a standard of maturity or integrity in their style of play. When money and mass fandom comes into play, players become idols and role models.… Read More »