Superdeep Nighthawks: “My Octopus Teacher” (Ehrlich & Reed 2020) | Thu Sept 28, 8pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

Superdeep remain the Nighthawks when attending to My Octopus Teacher (Pippa Ehrlich & James Reed 2020) …& food & drink. Thu, Sept 28, 8pm, IB 1008 (Auditorium).

The screening is Superdeep‘s first collaboration with the DKU Sustainability Club. Club members will join us to introduce the club and their current activities.


Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (8pm till late). Session 1 theme: the Mind.

For more info or proposals for the Nighthawks follow this link, for Superdeep generally this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.