Freedom Lab: Get Involved

Year-Round Opportunities for Students

Student Research Assistants

The Lab has funding opportunities for students who wish to help with faculty research as research assistants. Students will acquire valuable research skills through archival research, cataloging, translation, annotation, and setting up digital databases for archival material. For details, visit here

HRC Undergraduate Conference

Student researchers will have the opportunity to present their research projects in the annual HRC Undergraduate Conference. Not only is the Conference an excellent platform for them to share their initial research projects with a wide audience, they will also get valuable feedback from peers and faculty both within and beyond DKU. For details, visit here

Independent Studies

Ideally, the research work that the student researchers do will become part of their independent studies and even their Signature Work. Students who are involved in projects under Freedom Lab will meet their faculty mentor and other fellow student researchers on a regular basis to discuss questions and progress in their research and writing. These projects will offer students valuable learning experiences as they pursue a particular area of research in ways that prepare them for their final year projects more generally and future applications for graduate schools.