Student Report on Women’s History Month Student Workshop

Reported by Vicky Yongkun Wu, Class of 2026

This workshop was part of the Women’s History Month 2023 events organized by the HRC’s Gender Studies Initiative. 

The Women’s History Month Student Workshop 2023, hosted by Professor Titas Chakraborty, focused on 9 student papers. On Friday April 21, after Professor James Miller’s opening remarks, student presenters, who were accordingly distributed to three panels, gender in China, women and conflict, and feminism and media, were given approximately 10 minutes to introduce their projects, followed by professors’ comments and the Q&A session. The wide range of gender topics covered in the workshop was impressive and truly enhanced gender studies at DKU. Continue reading “Student Report on Women’s History Month Student Workshop”

llustrator Aura Lewis in Residence at DKU

Co-organized by AH, HRC, and DKUNST Art on Campus

EVENT 1: [Celebrating Women’s History Month]

“Writing & Illustrating Women’s Histories”

Presentation and Q&A with Aura Lewis

Time: April 18th, 11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Location: IB Lecture Hall

EVENT 2: [Quilting Workshop]

ATTENTION: On April 21st, Aura will host a workshop!

“Women’s History Quilt”

Time: April 21st, 10:00 am – noon

Location: AB Beauty Salon (Glassroom next to the east gate)

In the workshop, we will create collages on canvas, inspired by ‘personal’ women’s history. We will meet twice; in the first meeting, we will create art pieces, using photographs, drawing, painting, writing, and collage techniques. In the second meeting, each student will discuss their work, and finally, we will stitch the pieces together to create a collective quilt of our stories.

Please scan the QR code below before April 19th to register.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Stubborn Silences: Writing the History of Chinese Women

The following event is a part of Women’s History Month sponsored by the Humanities Research Center and the Arts and Humanities Division.

The Gender Studies Initiative is pleased to announce a guest lecture by Professor Gail Hershatter on Tuesday Mach 20 at 11:30am.

Stubborn Silences: Writing the History of Chinese Women

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 28, 11.30am
IB Lecture Hall
Guest Speaker: 
Professor Gail Hershatter

Abstract: Scholars of women and gender in China have often liked to make the claim that adding a serious consideration of women to our understanding of Chinese history would not be like adding a spice, as in add women and stir, but rather that it would alter the field fundamentally. Have we delivered, collectively, on that claim? And what do we most want our students to learn that could help them to think about the world of the past and the world they inhabit.

Biography: Gail Hershatter is Research Professor and Distinguished Professor Emer. of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a former President of the Association for Asian Studies.  Her books include The Workers of Tianjin (1986, Chinese translation 2016), Personal Voices: China Women in the 1980s (1988, with Emily Honig), Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution in Twentieth-Century Shanghai (1997, Chinese translation 2003), Women in Chinas Long Twentieth Century (2004), The Gender of Memory: Rural Women and Chinas Collective Past (2011; Chinese translation 2017) and Women and Chinas Revolutions (2019).

Call for Papers: Women’s History Month Student Paper Workshop

The Gender Studies initiative at DKU will be hosting a workshop on student papers as part of a series of events of the Women’s History Month. We invite student papers in any discipline which addresses the questions and concerns of gender studies broadly. For consideration, please submit an abstract of 150-200 words demonstrating the relevance of gender in the paper. We are particularly interested in the following themes:

  • Gender representation across media
  • Gender and inequality, gender and exploitation, gender and oppression
  • Sexuality and gendered identity formation
  • Feminism
  • LGBTQ+ liberation

Upon acceptance, participants will be required to submit finished papers of around 2000 words prior to the workshop. Each student paper will be paired with a faculty commentator.

Send your abstracts to this email:

The deadline for abstract submission is  March 31, 2023.