Superdeep #15: “Relational Egalitarianism & Economic Liberty” (Jiyuan Sun) | Dec 1, 6:30pm

IB 2026 | Zoom 69 79 89 79 69

Join us for our next  Superdeep session, in which Jiyuan (Dmitry) Sun (E&L Philosophy ’23) will tells us what the deal is with “Relational Egalitarianism & Economic Liberty”.

As always, everyone is welcome to join; no prior knowledge of philosophy is required. And, as always, snacks and refreshments will be served at the meeting.

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HRC Citizenship Lab Manuscript Workshop #3

Collective Candidacies in Brazil: Challenges and Pitfalls of a Gambiarra

Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov 29, 7:30 PM (BJT)
Zoom ID: 955 0753 0898
Speaker: Ricardo Mendonça
Ricardo Mendonça is an Associate professor of Political Science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). His work is on democratic theory, contentious politics and political communication. Continue reading “HRC Citizenship Lab Manuscript Workshop #3”

HRC Citizenship Lab: Research Assistant Opportunity


Student Job Title: Research Assistant for The Citizenship Lab at the Humanities Research Center
Start date and end date: December 2022 – May 2023 (start and end dates flexible depending on student schedule)
Number of Students to Hire: 1 (open to students from any track)
Stipend: 40 RMB/hour
Workload: Project based, 1-5 hours per week (flexible depending on student schedule)
Reports to: Professor Alice Xiang

Please send CV and cover letter to by November 30, 2022.

Student researcher job description:
This project seeks a research assistant with the ability to read Russian. The student researcher would focus on identifying and translating 1950s Russian sources relating to the Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet, as well as commentary on China’s literary initiatives (in particular its push for ‘yafei wenxue’, or ‘Asiafrican literature’). Examples of such sources include major newspapers and periodicals. This project may be of particular relevance to students with a background in literature, history, or international relations, but is open to any student with advanced Russian reading ability and an interest in the topic.

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Student Report on First-Year International Students’ Pre-College University and Expectations in a Joint-Venture University in China

This lecture by Professor Xin Zhang and Emmanuelle Chiocca was the last talk in the semester supported by The Third Space Lab.

Reported by Vicky Yongkun Wu

Nowadays, international students are showing an increasing interest in pursuing education in China. The Nov 18 Third Space Lab talk features a study that explores the motivation of first-year international students for applying to and attending a Sino-foreign joint-venture university (JVU) in China. Furthermore, it investigates what they expect to experience prior to matriculation.

Emmanuelle Chiocca, an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and International Education at the Language and Culture Center (LCC) at Duke Kunshan University, and Xin Zhang, an Assistant Professor of Chinese and intercultural communication at LCC, together co-directed the Third Space Lab, which explores foreign language teaching and learning and intercultural encounters, and organized the event. Continue reading “Student Report on First-Year International Students’ Pre-College University and Expectations in a Joint-Venture University in China”

HRC Presents: Mysticism Colloquium, Dec 2-3, 2022

Humanities Research Center’s Mysticism Colloquium led by Professors Ben Van Overmeire, Bryce Beemer, and Yitzhak Lewis, featuring keynote speakers Boaz Huss (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Benoît Vermander (Fudan University)

*Recordings for this event is now available. Please scroll down to the program below. 

Dates: December 2-3, 2022
Location: AB 1079
Zoom ID: 92946097674

See program below.

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Freedom Lab Presents: Children Are Abolitionists: Boys and Girls of the Antislavery Movement 

HRC Freedom Lab invites you to join Michaël Roy on “Children Are Abolitionists: Boys and Girls of the Antislavery Movement.”

Date/Time: Fri, Nov 25, 8-9:30 PM China time
Zoom ID: 261 330 4845
Speaker: Michaël Roy

Children were a vital, though neglected, presence in the US abolition movement. Throughout the antebellum period, a variety of abolitionists—the Liberator’s editor William Lloyd Garrison and the white reformer Henry Clarke Wright, the fugitive slave turned abolitionist Frederick Douglass and the African American primary school teacher Susan Paul—appealed to children’s antislavery and antiracist sympathies. “If . . . we desire to see our land delivered from the curse of PREJUDICE and SLAVERY,” Garrison declared in 1835, “we must direct our efforts chiefly to the rising generation.” His call did not go unheeded. Young abolitionists read antislavery tracts and slave narratives; they attended antislavery meetings and fairs; they learned and penned antislavery speeches which they recited at school; they participated in Emancipation Day celebrations and in programs to honor the memory of John Brown; they raised money to finance antislavery lecturers’ international travels; they even signed antislavery petitions, testing the limits of their citizenship. Aided by their parents and teachers, Black and white children acted in concrete ways against the slave system and made a meaningful contribution toward its demise. This presentation sheds light on their little-known activism. Continue reading “Freedom Lab Presents: Children Are Abolitionists: Boys and Girls of the Antislavery Movement “

Citizenship Lab Calls for Grant Applications for Faculty-Student Research Collaboration

The Citizenship Lab invites applications for funding from faculty, Class of 2023, and Class of 2024 students working on or developing Signature Work (SW) projects related to citizenship.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please reach out to the Citizenship Lab ( for questions and to submit your application.

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Statelessness Conference: December 1-2

This meeting is organized by Kolleen Guy and Jay Winter, co-sponsored by the Humanities Research Center and the Arts and Humanities Division at Duke Kunshan University.

This project aims to tell the story of statelessness in Asia and the Pacific during the Second World War. Building on Hannah Arendt’s classic account of the plight of the stateless, we draw attention in different case studies to the voice of the stateless in the collective effort they made to narrate their own lives. They occupied a third space between being outcasts and being free men and women. Comparisons among different stateless communities in Asia and the Pacific show the different paths out of statelessness during and after the Second World War.

In December 2022 we will hold two meetings of participants to review chapters of our book on Statelessness.  The first will be in Barcelona from December 1-2; the second in Melbourne, from December 14-15. We aim for publication in 2024.
*Recordings for this conference are available. Please scroll down to view. 
Barcelona Conference Dates: December 1-2, 2022
Location: IES Abroad Barcelona, ronda de St. Pere 5, 08010 Barcelona (Spain) – Please see specific dates in the program below for exact location.
Zoom: 680 604 2755


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Third Space Lab Presents: Irina Golubeva – Should we teach intercultural citizenship at universities, and what do students think about this?

HRC Third Space Lab presents: “Should we teach intercultural citizenship at universities, and what do students think about this?” with Irina Golubeva.

Date/Time: Dec 2, 10pm China time, 9am EST
Zoom ID: 248 487 9248
RSVP here Continue reading “Third Space Lab Presents: Irina Golubeva – Should we teach intercultural citizenship at universities, and what do students think about this?”

Anthropocene XR Lab – Visualizing Cities in XR: Activating the Presence of the Past

You are cordially invited to Anthropocene XR Lab’s Talk Series: Activating the Presence of the Past with Professor Victoria Szabo, Research Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University.

Date and Time: Dec 2, 10-11 am, BJT
Zoom ID: 959 8351 3551; Passcode: XRLAB
Speaker: Prof. Victoria Szabo

Talk Introduction:

The international Visualizing Cities consortium has taken a multimodal and interactive approach to invoking the presence of the past in exhibitions and lived experience of space and time, on site and on location.  XR, when intersecting with digital humanities approaches to history and culture, offers us promising new ways to tell complex stories, share information, and generate critique. This talk will explore the goals and methods of diverse visualizing cities projects utilizing XR in Venice, Italy; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Providence, Rhode Island, highlighting themes of comprehension, apprehension, agency, and authority, and considering opportunities (and risks) for future development of the field.

Continue reading “Anthropocene XR Lab – Visualizing Cities in XR: Activating the Presence of the Past”