Help Us Green DKU

Date: March 29, 2024
Time: 1 PM – 4:30 PM
Location: IB 1017

DKU is striving to make sustainability an institutional pillar. In this context conversations around making DKU a more sustainable campus have recently intensified. The HRC CARE and Citizenship Labs would like to invite you to participate in an event to discuss what ‘greening’ the DKU campus might mean. What does greening a campus involve? What metrics for assessing the greening of a campus should be considered? What views of socio-ecological and inter-species justice should animate the making of a green campus? 

We invite the participation of students from all student associations who are involved with environmental issues or with interspecies justice on campus. The event is also open to all members of the campus community. 

It will involve two sessions. In the first, the aim will be to create a forum for students to share their ideas about sustainability and ecological justice on campus as well as their ongoing efforts in this area.  

The second session will aim to create a working document that articulates a vision for DKU as a green and environmentally just campus, including proposals for related research projects, useful metrics, and data collection.  

Subsequent to the forum, and with the assistance of faculty, students will work on revising the document. The final document will be submitted to university leadership and ideally shape the form that DKU’s greening will take.  

Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the forum.

HRC Care Lab Presents: “Compassionate Matters” with Peter Li

Compassion Matters
Humans and Nonhuman Individuals in Today’s World

The recording of the talk is now available:

Date/Time: Dec 15, 2022, 9am China time
Location: Zoom ID 975 3620 3156
Speaker: Peter Li, Associate Professor of E. Asian Politics, Animal Law and Policy at the University of Houston-Downtown

This presentation is about the need for humans to be sensitive and responsive to the dignity, feelings and well-being of nonhuman animals. I hope to shed light on the following points to stress the need for our compassion to extended to nonhuman individuals. Continue reading “HRC Care Lab Presents: “Compassionate Matters” with Peter Li”

Humanities Research Center announces the launch of CARE Lab

The Humanities Research Center is proud to announce the launch of Caring for Animals REsearch Lab (CARE).

CARE Lab will be Co-Directed by Emily McWilliams, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Duke Kunshan University, and Claudia Nisa, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at Duke Kunshan University. See their bios here.

CARE Lab’s theme, scope, and significance

The Caring for Animals REsearch Lab (CARE) aims to be a leading interdisciplinary scientific hub for research, practice and policy discussions about animal welfare, both on campus at DKU and in collaboration with interested partners throughout China, and globally.

Continue reading “Humanities Research Center announces the launch of CARE Lab”