BOYS Exhibition: I Am No Different Than You

Exhibition Name: I Am No Different Than You

Date: 22nd – 27th March

Venue: Water Pavilion

“BOYS” Curation Statement

I Am No Different Than You is an exhibition that features one of Daniel Adams’ photography projects titled “BOYS” created in 2020. Adams is a conceptual portrait photographer based in Malaysia. Through his lens, we explore the letter G from the term LGBTQ+. The LGBTQ+ community is an umbrella term for gender, romantic, sexual, and queer minorities. This represents members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning community. It additionally includes many other subcultures like pansexual, asexual, and pangender. In Malaysia where expression of sexual orientation is restricted, we see those brave souls who fight back and show who they are. The gay men represented in this series have fun colorful makeup that highlights their facial features. Each featured personality is designated their own color highlighting their prominent features and matching their auras. The bright rainbow colors bring out the uniqueness of each individual, yet they look no different than you and I. BOYS is a powerful series paying tribute to those who are fighting to truly be themselves. Continue reading “BOYS Exhibition: I Am No Different Than You”


2020年伊始,人文研究中心便迎来了三位来自世界不同角落的客人:他们分别是美国杜克大学文化人类学教授Charles Piot,美国杜克大学纪实摄影师、摄影记者、人道主义公共卫生工作者Fati Abubakar Gangaran, 以及南非开普敦大学历史学副教授Shamil Jeppie。他们应人文研究中心的邀请,作为昆杜非洲主题活动周《非洲:移民,文化,冲突》的主讲人,为昆山杜克全体师生带来了一次关于旨在促进其对非洲大陆古老文明与现状,以及全球化社会下的移民浪潮了解的难忘体验。 Continue reading “非洲:移民,文化,冲突—2020昆杜非洲主题活动周精彩回顾”