The Media Art Speaker Series | The Many Facets of Lu Yang’s Work

Friday April 3
9pm China Time/ 9am EST

Zoom Meeting ID: 960-813-811

Prof. Benjamin Bacon and Prof. Vivian Xu from the Media and Arts program are inviting leading Chinese media art practitioners  to speak about their work and practice, and engage with students and faculty. Outside guests are also welcome.

This short series focuses on three artists whose work can give students an understanding of the broader scope of media art and its present-day manifestation within the Chinese context.

The first Zoom lecture of this series is scheduled on Friday April 3 at 9am (US Eastern) / 9pm (China) and features Chinese multimedia artist Lu Yang. Continue reading “The Media Art Speaker Series | The Many Facets of Lu Yang’s Work”

Third Space Lab Launch

Date: Monday, April 6

Time: 9am US Eastern time / 9pm China time

Zoom Meeting ID: 599-474-290

Third Space Lab (TSL) welcomes the DKU community to participate in its launch. Dr. Zhang Xin, Dr. Naghib, and Dr. Chiocca will introduce the lab’s objectives, research projects, and workshops on international education. The highlight of the launch is the talk by Dr. Darla Deardorff, on “Developing Habits for an Intercultural Lifestyle,” followed by a Q&A session. This event will be recorded and posted on the Third Space Lab Sakai site for all to view.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Darla K. Deardorff, Duke University

Talk: Developing Habits for an Intercultural Lifestyle

Abstract: What is intercultural competence? What competencies are needed to get along together across differences? And what are some key habits for living an intercultural lifestyle? Join in this interactive discussion to explore together some key competencies and habits that help navigate across differences, whatever those differences may be (including cultural, gender, generational, religious, socio-economic and so on). Developing these habits can lead to more positive relationships as well as to greater success in a wide variety of intercultural contexts. Continue reading “Third Space Lab Launch”



3月3日,在昆山杜克大学人文研究中心与杜克大学富兰克林人文学中心共同主办的在线谈论会“新冠病毒带来的人类、社会和政治意涵”上,杜克大学政治学教授梅勒妮·马尼恩 (Melanie Manion) 谈到了媒体公信力的问题。来自昆山杜克和杜克大学的师生以及《南华早报》美国分社社长参加了讨论。 Continue reading “中国官方媒体正在失去公信力吗?”

Freedom Lab: Launch Event

Date: March 26

Time: 9pm (China time) / 9am (US Eastern time)

Zoom Meeting ID: 344-318-9585

Hosted by the Lab’s faculty and student researchers, the launch will introduce the Lab, its objectives and research projects, as well as a series of exciting events for 2020.

The launch will conclude with a Keynote by Professor Geoffrey Harpham (Senior Fellow, Kenan Institute on Ethics, Duke University) on “Freedom and the Character of Scholarship,” followed by a Question and Answer session. This event will be recorded and posted on the Freedom Lab Website for all to view. Continue reading “Freedom Lab: Launch Event”

Report on The Coronavirus: Human, Social, and Political Implications

By Sarah Rogers, Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University

This post originally appeared on the Franklin Humanities Institute website.

In February 2020, after Duke Kunshan University closed its campus and shifted to online instruction in order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, a group of DKU faculty became residents at Duke University. These included two new residents at the Franklin Humanities Institute: James Miller, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Strategy and Co-Director of the Humanities Research Center at Duke Kunshan University, and Tim Smith, the Humanities Research Center Lab Manager. Continue reading “Report on The Coronavirus: Human, Social, and Political Implications”

Is China’s official media losing its authority?

By Xiaoxi Zhu
Student Media Center fellow

The story of Wenliang Li, the so-called whistleblower of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, was widely spread on Chinese social media when he died from the disease on Feb. 7. He was an ophthalmologist working in the Central Hospital of Wuhan, Hubei province, where the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed, and he was reprimanded for spreading “fake news” about the contagion in a WeChat group. Continue reading “Is China’s official media losing its authority?”

The Coronavirus: Human, Social and Political Implications

On Tuesday March 3, Duke Kunshan University Humanities Research Center in partnership with the Franklin Humanities Institute created a panel on the human, social and political implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The panel consisted of two sessions. The first was an online Zoom presentation to DKU students, with nearly 200 total participants.

Continue reading “The Coronavirus: Human, Social and Political Implications”

Gandhi, Vegetarianism, and Culinary Cosmopolitanism: A Discussion with Professor Nico Slate

April 13, 2020

8:30 PM (China Time) 8:30 AM (US Eastern Time)

Zoom Meeting ID: 261-330-4845

All in the DKU community are welcome to join in a discussion with Professor Nico Slate (Carnegie Mellon University) on the subject of vegetarianism and its relation to Gandhi’s political views on race, cosmopolitanism, and decolonization. Discussion will be based on two short pieces written by Professor Slate. Continue reading “Gandhi, Vegetarianism, and Culinary Cosmopolitanism: A Discussion with Professor Nico Slate”

Humanities Research Center Continues Online

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Duke Kunshan University is transitioning to online learning until the situation returns to normal. During this online period, the Humanities Research Center will take advantage of the high tech infrastructure developed at Duke University and Duke Kunshan University to continue its activities, ensuring that students and faculty can continue to advance the research mission of the university. Continue reading “Humanities Research Center Continues Online”