[Participants Needed] An Online Experiment: Can you accurately recognize pain from others’ facial expression?

Interested in participating in a fun and easy cognitive psychology experiment? Join us!

This survey aims to know whether racial differences can affect the recognition of pain evaluation through facial expressions. Healthy individuals who are age 18 above, first language is Chinese are all welcome! You will be receiving compensation after you finished!

Check the flyer for more information. Feel free to participate by scanning the QR code!

July 19 MediHealth Podcast LIVE | A Sweet Spot at Work

MediHealth Podcast is hosting its first live interview session this July-themed “A Sweet Spot at Work”. Many employer-employee relationships end in disillusionment, discontent, and disengagement.

Is there something amiss about our employer selection process, and how can we make better strategic career choices that deliver more meaning, fire our passion, and direct us to be the best versions of ourselves? Get more insight at MediHealth Podcast’s first live session!

We would be discussing making strategic career choices with Anthea Kiu, an Access and Policy Lead and Patient Partnership Centre of Excellence Lead at Roche. Interviewers Reika Shimomura and Sue Meng Chan would be hosting the virtual live session on the 19th of July at 9 PM CST (9 AM EST). There would be opportunities to ask live questions from you and discuss key issues with our hosts.

You can RSVP here by entering your NetID and receive a calendar request or scan the QR code to the survey link: https://duke.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_07CTQliraCRbo5U


Anthea Kiu was formerly Breast Cancer Foundation’s General Manager before pursuing her Master of Business Administration, having been privileged to receive a scholarship from the Queen Mary University of London. She has 15 years’ experience in strategic marketing and management, with strong Private-Public-People partnerships established for non-profit organisations and consumer brands.

Driven by the purpose to empower cancer patients in living full lives, Anthea joined Roche with the aim to accelerate their access to innovative and superior treatment options and advocate for a patient-centric healthcare system where patients’ voices define which outcomes matter the most to them in healthcare policies. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, hiking, travelling, pilates and cuddling with her dog.

Announcing the Winners of the Freedom Lab Essay and Creative Writing Competition (Spring 2021)

Freedom Lab is excited to announce the results of the Essay and Creative Writing Competition (Spring 2021):

Essay Writing
1. “The Queer Movement in Palestine” by Anisha Joshi
2. “#Hashtag Activism and its impact on the BLM Movement as a Counternarrative Tool” by Rachel Darius
3. “Modern Indian Economy and Inequality” by Yue Qiu

Creative Writing
1. “The Wok” by Hua Chai
2. “Jiatang” by Xiaomeng Yan
3. “My Skin” by Haley Williams

All the entries have gone through a rigorous review process. Thanks are due for Professor Stephanie Anderson and Professor Caio Yurgel who were the honorary judges for the creative writing category.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

The Thursday Night Tea Research Group Event Report: Skin with Yuting Liu

By Jade Jen

Class of 2023

We go gentle into that good night, in white suits, in paints, in illusions, and in skins that mark our nakedness. In the final installment of the four-part series on intimacy by The Thursday Night Tea Research Group, Yuting Liu presents an interactive performance to delve into the contradictory nature of intimacy by testing a theory in quantum physics, which claims we can never touch anything because the feeling of “touch” is a result of electrons repelling each other. As a costume and set designer, Yuting Liu’s interest focuses on exploring our relationship to the construction and deconstruction of our selves with visual design, cultural restoration, and performance art. He is an experienced designer for several plays and has also worked as a researcher on cultural restoration of traditional Chinese outfits at the National Museum of China, among other institutions.

Unlike previous events where lectures happen in a room, Liu stages this workshop outdoor at the platform between the basketball court and the Innovation Building. He begins the workshop by asking us to put on white suits, leaving only our eyes uncovered, and to gather in a circle. He defines the white suits as our skins and in the new skins we forsake our labels and our old selves. At a platform where people rarely pass by and in suits that forbid us from recognizing one another, intimacy is put to test in a strange sense of alienation. The space becomes heterotopic in isolation from the rest of the campus and the connection between people is distanced by the thin layer of plastic: our intimacy is nowhere, touching nobody.

Liu guides us through the first part of the workshop with meditation. “Think about a time when you felt happy,” says Liu, “think about details – the place, the time, and the people nearby…” Our thoughts wander away to different directions yet come back to the same point in the sharing of individual experience. It is contradictory, as we think about people who accompany us without having them by our sides and recollect past memories while never going back. Inevitable parallelism is generated: at the moment when we feel intimacy, our loss begins simultaneously. It is retrospective, then we proceed with expressions.

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2021-2022 Call for Proposals

The DKU Humanities Research Center (HRC) invites proposals from all DKU/Duke faculty and affiliates working on humanities-related projects. Projects should be based at DKU and/or connect Duke and DKU faculty. Proposals should be sent to Chi Zhang (chi.zhang323@dukekunshan.edu.cn), administrative assistant for the Humanities Research Center, by June 30, 2021.

  • Research Labs
  • Small Events
  • Large Events
  • Book Manuscript Workshops

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Literature Lunch JAM

Excited about a great book you just read and wanting to share it with more people? Come join our second Literature Lunch JAM. It doesn’t get any better than bonding with like-minded faculty, friends and souls over a free meal and books we love!

When: May 14 (Friday) @ 12pm

Venue: AB Cafe

Please rsvp with Prof. Selina Lai-Henderson


Kunshan Digital Humanities Exhibition

11:00-14:00, Thursday May 6th, 2021

Academic Building Lobby

Refreshments will be provided

Join the student artists of the Kunshan Digital Humanities Project for a virtual tour and a digital exploration of Kunshan on May 6!

Scrawls: City’s Secret (Zheng Zou and Zichao Chen)

Fading Memories: Life in Watertown (Anne Liu and Rudy Lu)

Kunshan Biodiversity Protection: Efforts and Achievements (Kechao Lu, Yixuan Liu, Zhiyuan Liu, Xinzhe Jiang, Shuyue Liao and Chen Lv)

Kunshan Sound Map (Dongchen Zhu)

Sides of Kunshan (Ruoyu Li)

Underneath the Peacefulness (Jiaxun Cao)

The Melting Town (Eldar Wang)

SPRING SPRING! The 2nd Action of the Bird Collision Prevention Project

  • Film Screening: October: Ten Days That Shook the World (1927) dir. by Sergei Eisenstein and Grigori Aleksandrov

Time: 19:00 – 21:00 Thursday 29th 2021, Place: Water Pavilion

  • Guest Lecture: The Mise-en-Scene of Disenchantment: Eisenstein’s Glass House, and the Dream of Transparency by Elena Vogman

Time: 14:45 – 17:15 Friday 30th 2021, Place: Water Pavilion / Zoom: 770 275 7156

Plate 10: Eisenstein, “Girls pour le numéro de ‘Pierrot,” draft for the GlassHouse, diary from June 23, 1928, RGALI, 1923-2-1109, pp. 77-78. courtesy of Elena Vogman

Between 1926 and 1928, while working on his film October and the Capital project, Eisenstein conceived The Glass House—an unrealized film envisioned in a transparent skyscraper, a satire on bourgeois society, a “nightmare” and a “symphony” of glass. Basing on a series of visual materials from Eisenstein’s Moscow archive (RGALI), my talk proposes to examine the stakes in the unfulfilled Glass House project. The recently discovered notes and sketches for the film show how the ideological tension between transparency and opacity is translated in the most vertiginous formal experiment with the material of glass: the inclusion within the frame of several actions and perspectives, their multiplication and dissection, and finally the realization of montage within these qualities of the material. Eisenstein combines visions of mass ornaments of bodies—dancers of cabaret and “girls”—with dynamic fractions of vision which not only enact the new conditions of visibility under capitalism, radically politicizing it through sensuous experience, but also serve as an “experimental training for Capital,” one of Eisenstein’s most enigmatic projects following Marx’s script and employing literary techniques of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Elena Vogman is a literature and media scholar, currently holding a visiting assistant professorship at NYU Shanghai. She has published two books: Sinnliches Denken. Eisensteins exzentrische Methode (Diapahnes 2018) and Dance of Values. Sergei Eisensteins Capital Project (Diapahnes 2019). Her current research project is titled Madness, Media, Milieus Reconfiguring the Humanities in Postwar Europe and will be based from June 2021 at Bauhaus-University in Weimar.

Spring into Literature Reading Series Presents: Cecily Parks

Date and Time: Wednesday April 28, 11am China

Location: AB 2107

Zoom: 614 954 2152

Cecily Parks is at work on a third collection of poetry, poems from which appear in The New Yorker, The New Republic, and Best American Poetry 2020. She edits the poetry section of ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment and teaches in the MFA Program at Texas State University.

Freedom Lab Essay / Creative Writing Competition

To celebrate the end of an incredibly challenging, and nonetheless fruitful, academic year, the Freedom Lab is inviting DKU students to submit essays or creative writing pieces for consideration of various prizes with topics related to the themes of the Lab (more information about the lab and its research themes can be found here https://sites.duke.edu/dkuhumanities/projects/freedom-lab/).

Topics could range from the recent conversations on Covid-19/Black Lives Matter/Anti-Asian Hate, the legacies of slavery and imperialism, Afro-Asian engagements in the age of Cold War, feminist voices, the histories of women suffrage, labor and migration, environmental history and settler colonialism, to any other forms of inequality that have continued to inform and shape our human experience.

Students are invited to submit writing pieces of a maximum length of 5000 words to Chi Zhang (chi.zhang323@dukekunshan.edu.cn) by May 25. There will be two competition categories: essays and creative writing. Essays can take a variety of forms; they can be papers from classes or based on signature work projects. Creative writing pieces can be poems, personal reflections, short stories, or a mix of multiple forms.

Three essays and three creative writing pieces will be selected for a first prize of 500 RMB, a second prize of 450RMB, and a bronze prize of 400 RMB respectively.

Results will be announced by the end of May.