Superdeep is DKU’s extracurricular philosophical* ecosystem, comprising:

    • the Workshop: a work-in-progress research workshop for DKU’s philosophical community (students, faculty, & guests). Presentation followed by Q&A (& snacks & refreshments). The Workshop typically meets on Thursdays around 6pm in IB 2026. More info here.
    • the Philosophers’ Cave: a shared quiet space for writing & other Superdeep work (& coffee, tea, & snacks). The Cave opens every Monday 9am till late in IB 2026, to start the week on a Superdeep high note. More info here.
    • the Well: Superdeep‘s joint research & reading group. Meets every Tuesday 5pm in IB 1017. Current theme: Creatures of Habit. More info here.
    • the Nighthawks: a space for late birds to take Superdeep respite after a week of classes. The Nighthawks assemble on Thursdays at 8pm, currently for a screening series on dreams (& food & drink). More info here.
    • Party: self-explanatory, for our community, happening roughly once a semester. Like this one.

* If you ask yourself who qualifies as philosophical, you already do 😉

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