Citizenship Lab Calls for Grant Applications for Faculty-Student Research Collaboration

The Citizenship Lab invites applications for funding from faculty, Class of 2023, and Class of 2024 students working on or developing Signature Work (SW) projects related to citizenship.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please reach out to the Citizenship Lab ( for questions and to submit your application.

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Call for Proposals from A Library of Things at MACHANG is seeking proposals for an upcoming three-week residency at MACHANG

What is a thing? What is an object? These seemingly simple yet profoundly complex ontological questions have been explored by artists and thinkers across culture and time. In the specific setting of contemporary exhibition making (a specialty of MACHANG for almost a decade with the booming contemporary art scene in Shanghai and in China at large), what matter matters in an art exhibition? What does not? What matters before the installation of an exhibition and after its show time is over? What do we do with the materials left behind an art exhibition – the frames, pigments, dry walls, etc. – other than throwing them in the garbage and turning them into waste? How might we archive these things before and after their use value has been exploited?

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Anthropocene XR Lab Calls for Projects: Student Hackathon

Open to all DKU students interested in XR (VR/AR) and environmental designs!

In teams of 2-3, submit your project proposals to get:

  • Funding: up to ¥ 5,000 per project
  • Equipment support: VR headset, AR glasses, etc.
  • Mentorship; indicate a DKU faculty mentor/seek mentorship from XR lab co-directors

Key Dates:

10 Oct 2022: Deadline for proposal submission
17 Oct 2022: Notification of acceptance
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The Humanities Research Center Calls for Proposals

The DKU Humanities Research Center (HRC) invites proposals from all DKU/Duke faculty and affiliates working on humanities-related projects. Projects should be based at DKU and/or connect Duke and DKU faculty. Proposals should be sent to Eugenie Chao (, Senior Program Coordinator for the Humanities Research Center, by July 15, 2022.

  • Research Labs
  • Small Events
  • Large Events
  • Manuscript Workshop

Research Labs

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HRC Doc Lab Requests for Proposals: Documentary Projects

The Humanities Research Center’s Doc Lab seeks proposal submissions for documentary projects. The projects can be rooted in any discipline and/or be interdisciplinary in nature as long as they incorporate a humanities perspective. The projects can be based in any medium of preference.

Both students and faculty are invited to submit project proposals. Students who would like to submit proposals are required to find at least one DKU faculty member to mentor the project. Faculty who submit a proposal must incorporate at least one student role as part of the project. Teams featuring multiple student roles are highly encouraged. Proposals that include or consist of Signature Work projects are welcome.

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Freedom Lab: Call for Faculty Research Projects

The Freedom Lab is excited to announce that it will support two to four faculty-student research projects. All faculty members are welcome to apply.

Research projects should relate very broadly to the Lab’s theme of “freedom” and “unfreedom.” Please see the Freedom Lab Website for a sense of the kind of work the lab does All research projects must include student researchers, as the funding will be primarily allocated in the form of student research assistantships. Apart from maintaining their research agendas, Faculty and student RA’s must actively participate in the lab’s activities.

To apply, please send a one-page proposal briefly describing your project, the kind of research it requires, and the kind of work student RAs will do.

Proposals can be sent to Selina Lai Henderson ( and Jesse Olsavsky ( by Monday, April 25th.  

So far, the Freedom Lab has funded four faculty projects and eight student RA’s, leading to conference presentations, student Signature Work projects, and publications. We hope to continue this support of student and faculty research!

Freedom Lab Calls for Student Signature Work

Freedom Lab is excited to announce the W.E.B. and Shirley Graham Du Bois Award to DKU juniors whose Signature Work projects examine themes related to Freedom Lab. The Lab will fund up to ten projects, 5000rmb each, in order for students to explore their work in the spirit of WEB Du Bois and his wife, Shirley Graham Du Bois—two of the most consequential figures of US history who had left behind a legacy of human freedom and justice across the globe.

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