Citizenship Lab Calls for Grant Applications for Faculty-Student Research Collaboration

The Citizenship Lab invites applications for funding from faculty, Class of 2023, and Class of 2024 students working on or developing Signature Work (SW) projects related to citizenship.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please reach out to the Citizenship Lab ( for questions and to submit your application.

For faculty: Faculty may apply for funding to support collaborative research involving students. SW mentorship is encouraged but not required. Funding will be provided and, where needed, assistance will be offered in identifying SW mentees.
Read more: Citizenship-Lab-Grant_Faculty

For Class of 2023: Students may apply for funding to support citizenship-related SW projects currently being planned or conducted. Where needed, assistance will be provided in identifying SW mentors.
Read more: Citizenship-Lab-Grant_2023

For Class of 2024: Students interested in conducting a citizenship-related SW project may apply for assistance in finding an appropriate mentor and/or funding for collaborative research leading to a SW project.
Read more: Citizenship-Lab-Grant_2024

The Citizenship Lab is looking for faculty and students interested in developing or already conducting projects in the following areas:

  • Political participation or active citizenship
  • Historical formation of political communities
  • Extending rights beyond the human
  • Climate change and environmental activism
  • Indigenous ways of understanding political agency and community
  • Memory and responsibility for (in)justice
  • Including future generations in present citizenship practices
  • The future of citizenship
  • Democratic innovations
  • Digital participation and engagement
  • Civic engagement in non-democratic regimes
  • Politics of resistance
  • Struggles for rights and recognition
  • Citizenship and socioeconomic inequality
  • Gender and/or sexual politics and identity
  • AI, Big Data, and citizenship
  • Surveillance capitalism, privacy, and freedom
  • Democratizing transnational and/or global governance
  • Planetary or cosmopolitan notions of citizenship
  • Refugees, borders, and walls
  • Home and belonging
  • Global health and citizenship
  • Rights and citizenship in the wake of COVID-19