Doc Lab


The purpose of the DKU Doc Lab is to explore the practice of Documentary, the varied forms that it takes, and the intricate relations between the documentarian and the form. The Doc Lab draws much of its weight from the essential role that documentary plays in the research fields of many disciplines across divisions including Anthropology, History, Religion, Literature, and Art, among many others.  It welcomes students and faculty with diverse yet intersecting interests to explore and engage with each other in ways that contribute to meaningful global debates surrounding documentary within and beyond academia. Ultimately, the significance of the Doc Lab lies in its ability to offer a platform to draw together faculty, students, and those outside of academia with the purpose of establishing the Documentary form as definitive of DKU’s aspiration to create and innovate.

The DKU Doc Lab will hold workshops, screening salons, and opportunities for students to produce research with and on the documentary form.  Students and faculty will produce outcomes ranging from documentary films, oral-histories, ethnographies, and still photography to critical studies essays, podcasts, VR and AR environments, and archives.


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