Superdeep Nighthawks: “My Octopus Teacher” (Ehrlich & Reed 2020) | Thu Sept 28, 8pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

Superdeep remain the Nighthawks when attending to My Octopus Teacher (Pippa Ehrlich & James Reed 2020) …& food & drink. Thu, Sept 28, 8pm, IB 1008 (Auditorium).


Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (8pm till late). Session 1 theme: the Mind.

For more info or proposals for the Nighthawks follow this link, for Superdeep generally this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.

McaM 2023 Youth Theater Drawing the Lines: Spinning and Weaving Histories at a River’s End

A research project initiated by Ho Rui An and Zian Chen in collaboration with Feng Haoxin, Liew Xiao Theng, Sun Jiyuan, Wang Ruohan, Xiong Xin, Yan Jiayue, Zeng Yuting, Zhang Tianyu, Zhang Yilin, Zhou Feiyang

Duration: 7th-11th Oct, 2023

Public Program: 7th Oct,2023 (Sat)

Organizers: Ming Yuan Group, Ming Contemporary Art Museum

Supported by: DKUNST Art on Campus|Division of Arts and Humanities | Humanities Research Center, Duke Kunshan University

Drawing the Lines: Spinning and Weaving Histories at a River’s End is a research project initiated by Ho Rui An and Zian Chen that examines the historical development of the textile industry within the Yangtze River Delta region beginning in the late nineteenth century. Following a six-month process of fieldwork, archival research, and workshops supported by Duke Kunshan University’s (DKU) DKUNST Art on Campus program and with the participation of DKU undergraduates, the project culminates in a research-based installation and one-day public program at Ming Contemporary Art Museum—formerly the premises of a paper machine factory in a reflection of Shanghai’s industrial heritage. 

The installation organizes the materials gathered over the research process into three sections, namely Narration, Network, and Noise, each providing an artistically inspired framework to probe into the shifting relations between labor, technology, and capital across over a century of textile histories in the region. Through the public program, the objects and images on display are further articulated through a series of live interventions that include a lecture, guided tour, mapping exercise, and tea session with former textile workers.

The DKUNST Art on Campus program is curated by Prof. Zairong Xiang.

Student Report on Picture a Scientist Screening and Discussion

Reported by Lia Smith, Class of 2026

The screening and discussion of Picture a Scientist was the first Gender Studies Initiative event of the Fall 2023 semester. Picture a Scientist is a powerful documentary that illustrates challenges faced by women scientists in the U.S. Women scientists in various fields such as biology, chemistry, and geology discuss their daily encounters of harassment, both big and small. These encounters can range from degradation and bullying from mentors, failing to get the same-sized office compared to their male collogues, and seemingly minor but constant harassment at work. This documentary also reveals the intersectionalities that are at play with gender to further marginalize women of color and women of older age in the field. Continue reading “Student Report on Picture a Scientist Screening and Discussion”

Student Report on Gender + Mind Talk

Reported by Lia Smith, Class of 2026

The HRC Gender Studies Initiative‘s Gender+ series continued on Wednesday, September 13, 2023with a discussion of Gender+Mind in DKU’s Water Pavilion. This event brought philosophy professors Hwa Yeong Wang and Emily McWilliams together for a conversation on the development of philosophical thought in relation to gender. Continue reading “Student Report on Gender + Mind Talk”

Congratulations to Gürol Baba on his recent publications!

Congratulations to Gürol Baba, Global Fellow of Arts and Humanities at DKU, on the recent publication of a special issue on the theme of South Asian Impulses in the Middle East: An Asymmetrical Transregionalism, in the Journal of Asian and African Studies, which he guest edited with his colleague Amit Ranhan. The issue features Baba and Ranjan’s introduction, as well as Baba’s research article Middle East–South Asia Relations: Transregional Minilateralism Cemented with Bilateralism.
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Superdeep Nighthawks: “Her” (Jonze 2013) | Thu Sept 21, 8pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

The Nighthawks are up to converse with Her (Spike Jonze 2013) to get to the bottom of AI (…& food & drink). Thu, Sept 21, 8pm, IB 1008 Auditorium.


Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (8pm till late). Session 1 theme: the Mind.

For more info or proposals for the Nighthawks follow this link, for Superdeep generally this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.

Call for Proposals Spring 2024

The DKU Humanities Research Center (HRC) invites proposals from all DKU/Duke faculty and affiliates working on humanities-related projects. Projects should be based at DKU and/or connect Duke and DKU faculty. Proposals should be sent to Fei Xu <> by October 15, 2023, with decisions to be announced by November 15, 2023.

All proposals should normally be designed to be completed by June 30, 2024.

  • Small Events
  • Large Events
  • Book Manuscript Workshops

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HRC launches Health Humanities initiative

The Humanities Research Center is pleased to announce the launch of a Health Humanities Initiative at DKU, led by Professors Daniel Weissglass and Meifang Chen.

The Health Humanities initiative provides an interdisciplinary research and practice space for students and faculty with a broad range of skills and interests to investigate how the human experience contributes to aspects of individual and population health. It builds on the earlier Health Humanities Lab which launched a number of successful projects in the first three years of the undergraduate program at DKU, and last year’s resilience initiative involving Professors Lijing Yan and Sze Chai Kwok, together with the present initiative co-directors.

The initiative hosts a regular weekly meeting on Wednesdays from 4-5pm in WDR2201.

If you are interested in joining the lab or have any great ideas, please contact the Lab co-Directors Prof. Meifang Chen (email: or Prof. Daniel Weissglass (email:

LGBTQ+ Reading Group

The HRC is pleased to announce the formation of an LGBTQ+ reading group, under the supervision of Professors Zhenjie Weng and Yanan Zhao. The reading group is organized around the topic of Embracing Diversity: Developing Cultural Competence for Inclusive Education with the LGBTQ+ Community.

The reading groups is aimed at DKU faculty, staff, and students who are interested in fostering inclusive education and developing cultural competence with the LGBTQ+ Community. Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness, and Justice is an essential topic in academia. Despite its wide discussion in academia, at the practical level, it still poses a challenge for educators seeking to enhance their teaching practices. It is crucial to ensure that educational materials and curricula are inclusive, relevant, and engaging for all students while creating safe and inclusive learning environments. Continue reading “LGBTQ+ Reading Group”