Essays from Winners of the Freedom Lab Essay and Creative Writing Competition (Spring 2021)

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Essay and Creative Writing Competition (Spring 2021)!

To read their work, please click on each title.

Essay Writing
1. “The Queer Movement in Palestine” by Anisha Joshi
2. “#Hashtag Activism and its impact on the BLM Movement as a Counternarrative Tool” by Rachel Darius
3. “Modern Indian Economy and Inequality” by Yue Qiu

Creative Writing
1. “The Wok” by Hua Chai
2. “Jiatang” by Xiaomeng Yan
3. “My Skin” by Haley Williams

All the entries have gone through a rigorous review process. Thanks are due for Professor Stephanie Anderson and Professor Caio Yurgel who were the honorary judges for the creative writing category.

Congratulations to Selina Lai-Henderson!

Selina Lai-Henderson, Assistant Professor of US Literature and History at DKU, has been named Chair of the International Committee at the flagship American Studies Association (ASA) starting 2022.She will be setting meeting  agendas in the committee on a range of affairs, from planning and moderating workshops for the annual ASA conference, to reviewing submissions for the Shelley Fisher Fishkin Award. Her primary goal during the two years in her position is to facilitate new conversations on transnational American Studies and to foster research collaborations among affiliates and global scholars in the field.

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2021 Fall Conference Student Report: Post-Conference Film & Discussion

Post-Conference Film and Discussion: That’s Not How I Remembered It

by Zishuo Wu

The Japanese film, Rashomon (1951), was introduced to the audience by Prof. Richard Davies in his film discussion titled, “That’s Not How I Remembered it.” With it being the first Japanese movie that made a splash overseas, Prof. Davies raised both cultural concerns and film-making thoughts for the audience. Then the movie was shown as the highlight of the event. Continue reading “2021 Fall Conference Student Report: Post-Conference Film & Discussion”