Ascension 登楼叹: Documentary Screening with Filmmaker

Humanities Research Center’s Doc Lab and Center for the Study of Contemporary China Present:
Documentary Screening with Filmmaker
Q&A Session with co-producer, Maggie Li, will follow film screening

Date: Wed, Sept 28, 6:00pm BJT
Location: IB-1008 (IB-Auditorium)
Zoom ID: 530.394.0458

Screen the film up to 48 hours in advance at the following link:

Ascension, nominated for an Oscar as best documentary feature, explores the myriad corners of China’s increasingly stratified economic classes. Everything we use every day is the product of someone else’s labor. Cellphones and computers, water bottles and plastic cutlery, soap dispensers and blankets are all items in one interconnected chain of global capitalism that the documentary Ascension explores with curiosity, candor and criticism.

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Doc Lab Research Project: Documenting the Sustainability of Localized Organic Farming

HRC Doc Lab‘s research “Documenting the Sustainability of Localized Organic Farming” is an episodic documentary video and photo essay that will focus on the Yue Feng Island Organic Farm which is located in Kunshan. The documentary will investigate the sustainability of smart agriculture at the intersectionality of culture, linguistics, economics, ecology, and environmental studies. The documentary will consist of three parts: 1) the regional oral culture: the connection between traditional farming culture and the local Kunshan dialect, 2) the relationship between crop diversity and genetically modified food, and 3) sustainability in smart agriculture: how the farmers and administrators incorporate the idea of sustainability into production and operation.

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Humanities Research Center Current Research Projects

The Humanities Research Center proudly announces the current research projects being conducted by the HRC labs. We invite you stay in touch with updates on each of these projects by checking the news sections of our website and following our weekly newsletter.


Title: The Neganthropocene and Arts (Case studies in China)
Who: Prof. Jung Choi, Meixuan Wang, Yujia Zhai
Project summary: Inspired by the notion of Neganthropocene by a French Philosopher, Bernard Stiegler, the study explores innovative tactics by Chinese emerging artists that challenge the human-centered logic of understanding the world.

Title: DKU Augmented Reality (AR) Campus
Who: Prof. Xin Tong, Prof. Jung Choi, student researchers Qingyang He, Tony Ren, Weiran Li, and Ruiqi Chen
Project summary: In the research, we are creating an AR mobile app, DKU AR Campus, and investigating how augmented reality technology can support spatial digital co-creation and social interaction. We aim to understand multi-users’ social dynamics and examine their co-creation behaviors in an embodied AR context and derive design implications to shed light on future research. Continue reading “Humanities Research Center Current Research Projects”

HRC Doc Lab Requests for Proposals: Documentary Projects

The Humanities Research Center’s Doc Lab seeks proposal submissions for documentary projects. The projects can be rooted in any discipline and/or be interdisciplinary in nature as long as they incorporate a humanities perspective. The projects can be based in any medium of preference.

Both students and faculty are invited to submit project proposals. Students who would like to submit proposals are required to find at least one DKU faculty member to mentor the project. Faculty who submit a proposal must incorporate at least one student role as part of the project. Teams featuring multiple student roles are highly encouraged. Proposals that include or consist of Signature Work projects are welcome.

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Doc Lab Presents: Podcasting Workshop

Date/Time: Friday, April 1, 2022, 11am-1:30pm
Location: DKU theater room in the Blue Oasis

Have you ever been curious about how a podcast or audio documentary is made?  Have you wanted to make your own or be on a team that produces them?  In this workshop, you will get the chance to do it.  In a small group, we will work together to:

  • Learn how to record clean sound, edit your clips, and sound design
  • Learn the art of interviewing and how to put it all together to form a story
  • Produce your own story (individual or in a team)
    What we will do:
  • What kinds of podcasts are out there?
  • Recording clean sound
  • Art of the interview
  • Practice interview
  • Getting to know the editing software
  • Sound design

All DKU students are invited!

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