Interfacing with Digitality: Practices in Curation

Speaker: Hayeon Heather Kim (Artistic Director, Materiaux Gallery, Seoul/Korea)

Hosted by: Prof. Jung Choi, Ph.D.(Anthropocene XR Lab, HRC)

Date and Time: 13 November 2023 13:00 pm Location: LIB 1113

Speaker: Hayeon-Heather Kim is a co-founder and the artistic director Materiaux focuses primarily on emerging and established Korean artists, particularly those whose practice involve various art forms and alternative modalities of visual art production and consumption.

Digitality has transformed our understanding and experience of art, calling for new forms of collaboration between artists, researchers, and curators. Immaterial and or time-based art presents critical challenges not only in the presentation of the works but also in their conservation. Curating new forms of media art requires an interdisciplinary, post-object approach to disseminate the works within and beyond the white cube. This talk will share recent examples of curatorial practices that engage in the creative use of technology for exhibition, collection, and preservation. The primary goal of this talk is to encourage discussion on how to overcome the inherent challenges in this type of art and to seek sustainability for the individuals working in the field.