Call for HRC Launch Event Seminar Fellows

Duke Kunshan University will formally launch its Humanities Research Center on September 14-15, 2018, featuring two days of lectures, discussions, and arts events on The Future of the Humanities.

The launch event features keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and seminar meetings with four distinguished visitors:

  • Ding Naifei, leading scholar of feminist studies, queer theory, and Chinese culture and literature.
  • Ranjana Khanna, international literary critic and theorist renowned for her work on psychoanalysis and postcolonial literature.
  • Jeffrey Wasserstrom, renowned historian of modern China.
  • Yan Lianke, one of contemporary China’s foremost novelists.

A select number of DKU students will be invited to participate in a one-hour seminar with one of the four distinguished visitors.

The benefits of participation include:

  • A free copy of one of the keynote speaker’s books;
  • Participation in a special, closed-door one hour seminar with the speaker;
  • Networking with fellow students and speakers.

The responsibilities of participation include:

  • Reading an assigned article or short story by the speaker prior to the event;
  • Attending the seminar to which you have been assigned, and participating actively;
  • Writing or filming a short (1 page or 2 minute) report on the Humanities Research Center launch event.

Application Process

Deadline: August 31, 2018

To apply to participate in this unique opportunity, please apply directly to Ms. Chi Zhang, administrator of the Humanities Research Center by email to

In your email Indicate:

  • your name
  • your background and interests relevant to the seminar topics;
  • and your ranked list of your top two choices of seminar speakers

Please note that the seminar with Yan Lianke will be conducted in Chinese. All other seminars will be conducted in English.

Note that some seminars will be held on Friday 14, and some seminars will be held on Saturday 15. The Humanities Research Center will do its best to match applicants’ first preference of seminar, but due to space constraints cannot guarantee this. You must be prepared to attend a seminar on either date.

Applications are due August 31, 2018

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