Tariq Ramadan Speaks on NPR

Though the class is over, I thought I’d post a couple more links that I ran across yesterday. All Things Considered on NPR conducted an interview with Tariq Ramadan after the US State Department lifted his ban on travel earlier this year. In it, he discusses his views on Islam in relation to US and European policy and politics. He makes many references to the current veil issues in France and, interestingly, makes a pointed argument that the veil argument is but a cover-up by right-wing French politicians to mask the still ongoing issues in the banlieues.

Also, I posted a link to a short article from the New York Times on Shanghai’s World Expo. Similar to the colonial expo of France (minus the colonial part), China is putting on a multinational show that is projected to be bigger than the olympics for the country.

NPR Link

NYT Link