Haitian Declaration of Independence

Yesterday there was amazingly widespread coverage a recent find by Duke University graduate student Julia Gaffield of a printed version of the Haitian Declaration of Independence. The find was covered in local papers, NY Times, and literally hundreds of other venues: something rather rare for historians! I am lucky enough to be her dissertation advisor here at Duke. Congratulations, Julia!

Here is the New York Times article, by an excellent journalist Damien Cave who has done important coverage in Haiti since the earthquake, which launched the media blitz.

Among my favorite pieces is this bit from none other than Rachel Maddow, who ends the segment in a great way.

A particularly good article on the story was printed in Canada in the Globe and Mail with a nice gloss on the declaration by Deborah Jenson.

Julia also did a great interview on BBC’s “The World.”

Liberty or Death!!

2 thoughts on “Haitian Declaration of Independence”

  1. As Haitian there is no word to describe what I feel regarding this discovery. I want to thank God who guided Julia and thank nature to save us copy. Thanks also to the media internet in particular that allowed the word to be spread that fast and allowed people to see and feel this big piece of history. I have read it many times since … something powerful strike me,it is the spelling of the name of my country “H-A-Y-T-I” from now on this is the way I’am going to spell it “H-A-Y-T-I. Something big going to happened in Hayti. watch. Thank you thank you and thank you very much Julia .God bless you and God bless Hayti.

  2. Thank you Laurent! The reception of this story has been phenomenal! I am so pleased that so many people are interested in learning about Haiti’s exciting history.

    I have received numerous messages and emails from complete strangers expressing their joy and thanks for this archival discovery – and this is really what has had the greatest impact on me. Many of these messages have been from Haitians and Haitian-Americans who have told me how much it means to them to have a reminder of the country’s proudest moment.

    Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the story!

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