Superdeep #14: ”Knowing One’s Dreams” (Weifan Mo) | Thu, Nov 17, 6:30pm

IB 2026 | Zoom 69 79 89 79 69

Join us for Superdeep #14, in which Weifan (Michelle) Mo (E&L Philosophy ’23) will awaken us to the difficulties of “Knowing One’s Dreams”.

The event is first in a series of collaborations between Superdeep and the DKU-Wuhan University Houtu Research project Unforgotten Dreams/哲学视野中的梦境.

As always, everyone is welcome to join; no prior knowledge of philosophy is required. And, as always, snacks and refreshments will be served at the meeting.

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For more information on DKU’s Superdeep workshop or Houtu Unforgotten Dreams, contact Nathan Hauthaler. For more information on the workshop see also