Picture A Scientist

On March 22, 2023 the Gender Studies Initiative held a screening and discussion of the documentary film Picture a Scientist.

  • Titas Chakraborty, moderator
  • Renee Richer, panelist
  • Binbin Li, panelist

Brief Summary

Approximately 55 people attended the screening, 45 students and approximately 10 faculty.  Faculty attending were equally male and female.  The film documented women scientists and their experiences working in the sciences.  It documented a revolutionary Title IX case which ultimately led to the termination of a tenured professor at Boston University as well the origin and outcomes of the MIT report.

Following the screening, questions were posed to Binbin Li who chronicled her experiences in the sciences, successes and challenges. Richer also responded to comments and questions.

Faculty and students participated in the discussion.  The discussion was mixed.  One questioned affirmative action policies for women.  Others questioned whether DKU was adequately addressing student concerns and acting on reports.

At least 3 female students openly reported negative experiences and interactions with faculty at the screening. This suggests that there may in fact be more students struggling who have not come forward to report their experiences. Richer reports other anecdotal reports by females about their negative experiences in the sciences at DKU.

Richer also documents a male student being subject to gender stereotypes in the sciences regarding Asian males in math and how it is impacting his classes in the sciences, since this student is not strong in math.