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German Nationalism Courtesy of Football

The 20th century was a wicked roller coaster ride for Germany. Two World Wars, each spawned by high levels of nationalism, both resulted in German defeat. In the course of less than fifty years, Germany’s territory, economy, and politics were reduced to rubble, rebuilt, and then subsequently destroyed multiple times. Post World War II, the… Read More »

The Christmas Truce match in 1914

In catching up on some online reading about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I stumbled upon an article in The Guardian about Britain’s plans to commemorate World War I.  These plans include nothing other than…a reenactment of a football match that was played between British and German troops on a Belgian battlefield during the… Read More »

L’Histoire et l’équipe hongroise

Comme étudiant d’histoire et athlète amateur, je m’intéresse aux moments où mes deux intérêts, l’histoire et le sport, se croisent les chemins. Un article dans le New York Times, “A World Cup Qualifier Is a Hostage to History,” a retenu mon attention parce qu’il analyserait le contexte historique du match éliminatoire entre l’Hongrie et la… Read More »

The Algerian Bleus: Dispatch from Paris

On Sunday afternoon, I rode the metro up from my place in the thirteenth arrondissment to Belleville, in the northeastern part of Paris, to take in the Algeria-Slovenia match in a neighborhood with a large Algerian population. Almost as soon as I emerged from the station onto the wide Rue Belleville, I met Ben, an… Read More »

“Haiti in the World Cup” @ Pilgrimages

My first piece is up at Chimurenga’s Pilgrimages Blog: “In Port-au-Prince there stands – or at least there stood, before the January 12th earthquake devastated much of the city – a mural depicting four great nationalist heroes of the Caribbean: Toussaint L’ouverture, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Emmanuel Sannon. If you don’t recognize the last… Read More »

World Cup History at “The World”

Yesterday I did an interview for the “How We Got Here” podcast of BBC’s The World, available here. I talk about my book Soccer Empire, about Zidane, Thuram, and the 2006 World Cup, and about my hopes for this tournament.