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Farewell, Tinkerman: Looking back at the Claudio Ranieri sacking one year later

Last Spring, I wrote a research paper for Professor Ed Tiryakian’s Business of Sport class here at Duke that focused on the source and implications of rampant managerial turnover in the English Premier League. I had become passionate about the topic after Leicester’s February 2017 sacking of prolific Italian manager Claudio Ranieri, who had defied all… Read More »

Copa América Centenario Finances: A Rampant, Systemic and Deep-Rooted Corruption Scheme

The 2015 FIFA Corruption Case Extends to North and South America? Yes, in fact it did.  When the United States Department of Justice turned on the lights in 2015 for the international rooms of soccer and corporate executives, these execs were caught with their hands in multiple cookie jars.  The price for the extra sweets,… Read More »

The Fight for Equal Pay, More Important Now than Ever Before

On March 30th, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Becky Sauerbrunn and Hope Solo, filed a federal complaint by means of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination. As a result of the collective bargaining agreement long ago negotiated between members of the U.S. women’s national team and U.S. Soccer, they… Read More »

¿Para que albergar el Mundial?

Catorce mil millones de dólares estadounidenses. Éste es que costó a Brasil (enlace en portugués) a albergar el Mundial de 2014, la cantidad más alta de la historia de la competencia. Para comparar, los juegos olímpicos de Beijing de 2008, un espectáculo de 28 deportes y 302 eventos, costaron US$8 mil millones. ¿Y que resultó… Read More »

Bringing In Revenue

When you think of Professional sports and the money that these clubs make immediately Professional basketball, football, baseball, and hockey are most likely the sports that pop in your head.  While those Professional organizations do bring in a ton of income, lets not forget Professional soccer.  These Professional soccer clubs bring in just as much… Read More »

El Deporte Más Allá del Campo: Narcosoccer en Colombia

Muchos piensan que los deportes están separados del resto de la sociedad. Algo sobre la separación entre de la cancha o campo y nuestras vidas diarias nos hace pensar que los deportes son un tipo de paraíso, donde las preocupaciones del resto del mundo se ponen una pausa. Pero la ocurrencia de “narcofútbol” en Latinoamérica,… Read More »