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L’équipe féminine de football des États-Unis ne compromettent pas. Ainsi, nous?

Avant le début de COVID-19, un procès entre les titulaires des l’équipe féminine de football des États-Unis et la Fédération de football des États-Unis développait rapidement. Le groupe a reçu le statut d’une classe; elles réclament que elles suffrent les conditions de travail et à des salaires inégaux lorsqu’ils jouent pour leurs pays. Recennement, le… Read More »

Rúben Neves: el nuevo chico de oro de Wolves

Solo hace un año que Rúben Neves, el capitán más joven de un equipo del Champions League, fue asociado con un transferido con los equipos mejores de Inglaterra como Chelsea, Arsenal y Liverpool. Sin embargo, el mediocampista espectacular firmó para Wolverhampton Wanderers en la segunda división este verano en un contracto que valió mucho menos… Read More »

Copa América Centenario Finances: A Rampant, Systemic and Deep-Rooted Corruption Scheme

The 2015 FIFA Corruption Case Extends to North and South America? Yes, in fact it did.  When the United States Department of Justice turned on the lights in 2015 for the international rooms of soccer and corporate executives, these execs were caught with their hands in multiple cookie jars.  The price for the extra sweets,… Read More »

A Lapse in Judgment: Wambach Arrested for DUI in Wake of USWNT Lawsuit

In the wake of the U.S. Women’s National Team filing a lawsuit demanding equal pay from the U.S. Soccer Federation during the past week, the USWNT and the soccer world received shocking news about one of its former superstars Sunday morning. After being pulled over at 11:05 p.m. Saturday, former U.S. forward Abby Wambach, 35,… Read More »

El lado oscuro del fútbol

Silvio Berlusconi, Roman Abramovich, Rinat Akhemtov, Khaldoon Al Mubarak. ¿Qué es lo que todos tienen en común? Berlusconi es el dueño de AC Milan, Abramovich posee Chlesea FC, Akhemotv Shakhtar, Mubarak Manchester City. Todos estos dueños tienen fortunas que suman a mil millones de dolares, y con sus propias fortunas, están destruyendo el deporte. Piensa que esta… Read More »

How the Citizens Stole Lampard

Well, not exactly; more like “borrowing” an old but still functional squirt gun that your little brother picked up for free from a garage sale, and using that to annoy its previous owner in every way possible for an entire year. Here’s my quick pre-apology to all Manchester City fans, and to Frank Lampard for… Read More »