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Behind the Scenes of a Soccer Powerhouse with Netflix’s First Team: Juventus

This past February, Netflix released the documentary First Team: Juventus, chronicling the Italian side’s journey through the 2017-2018 season. In the process, Netflix seeks to capture the team’s ethos, history, and the lives of individual players. As the first Netflix series about association soccer, First Team represents the sport’s steadily increasing popularity and influence. Source: Netflix… Read More »

VAR: un giocatore nella partita fra l’Italia e Inghilterra

L’uso del VAR durante un’amichevole contro l’Italia e Inghilterra a Wembley ha creato una controversia, e per una buona ragione.  Da una tifosa italiana, sono obbligata di essere d’accordo con la decisione, e secondo me gli azzurri hanno meritato il pareggio dopo una seconda metà molto combattuta.  Ma come una tifosa di calcio in generale,… Read More »

Juventus contro Sassuolo

La domenica passata, la Juventus ha giocato contro il Sassuolo, e normalmente non mi importa con chi gioca la Juventus perché sono quasi sempre sicuro che Juventus vincerà.  Questa volta non era differente nel senso che ho pensato che la Juventus potrebbe perdere, pero ho avuto un momento di dubbio nella mia supporta per la… Read More »

Square+R2, or Look at His Dab.

Adolfo Dybala always wanted his children to become professional football players. Two older brothers could not make their father’s dream come true, so Adolfo decided to invest all possible resources into his youngest son, Paulo. Both of them had to drive 35 miles from their hometown, Laguna Larga, to Cordoba everyday. Laguna Larga was such a small… Read More »

What If? An Exploration of Kobe Bryant’s Soccer Roots

    Despite a lackluster 17-65 farewell season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant capped off a stunning NBA career with authority on Wednesday April 14th. In front of a sold-out Staple Center crowd against the Utah Jazz, the Black Mamba ended the 1,346th and final game of his 20 year career (1) with 60 points… Read More »


  “€100 million for Pogba”,”The most expensive transfer in the history of football is just around the corner”, “Zidane needs Pogba in Real Madrid”… There have been a lot of rumors about Pogba’s future, as he is certainly the most discussed figure on the transfer market. I hope and pray that he decides to stay… Read More »

Di Francesco vs. Montella. Who will be Milan’s coach next season?

It is still unknown whether AC Milan will have a new coach next year. For the last couple of weeks, Italian journalists argued that Sinisa Mihajlovic’s fate in Milanello is sealed. If this is indeed true, there are two coaches that could help Milan regain its former greatness. Eusebio Di Francesco Di Francesco has necessary qualities to successfully… Read More »

The Thousand Faces of Silvio Berlusconi

by Derek Wei He’s probably the most controversial figure you have and will ever know from Italy. No matter what‘s your personal or profession interest, and no matter what kinds of news that you follow, I am sure that his name has come to you somehow at some point: he is a successful entrepreneur and… Read More »

Soccer Robots: Imperfect Men

Perhaps a byproduct of playing FIFA , highlight reels, constant social media clips and the focus on amazing goals and plays in soccer, many have come to expect constant greatness, perfection out of soccer. We see Messi touch the ball, Ronaldo take a free kick and our stomachs tighten, waiting for the inevitable goal. Something… Read More »