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Intimidation by Tunnel

The final whistle blows, and I am seven years old again. I’ve got a cheap black jersey tucked into a pair of shorts that are too big for me, and double knots on the tiniest pair of cleats you’ve ever seen. It’s my third season in the Salvation Army rec league, and by now my… Read More »

African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World’s Game

Chapter Three: “Making Nations in Late Colonial Africa, 1940s—1964” “Stadiums and clubhouses became areas in which workers, intellectuals, business owners, and the unemployed challenged colonial power and expressed a shared commitment to racial equality and self-determination. Football constructed a fragile sense of nationhood in political entities arbitrarily created by colonial powers and fueled Africa’s broader… Read More »

Los Estadios Icónicos de Sudamérica

  Las hinchas de fútbol en Sudamérica tienen una pasión extraordinaria. El ambiente de los partidos es inigualable en los otros partes del mundo, y los estadios tienen tradiciones y historias muy ricas. Es difícil escoger una lista corta, pero aquí hay algunos estadios que me parecen mostrar el espíritu de fútbol sudamericano.   Estadio… Read More »

Here Comes Everton

Continuing a pattern of regression since their 5th place finish in the 2013-14 season, Everton is again disappointing in the Premier League. Everton’s fall from England’s elite has brought shadows of doubt and speculation regarding the team’s future. However, bucking the trend, Everton was anything but disappointing on February 20th. On this day the lights… Read More »

Problems in Liverpool: Walking Out on the Club that “Never Walks Alone”

For the first time in the 124-year history of the club, Liverpool fans staged a walkout during one of their Premier League matches—and it was not for lack of quality on the pitch that was at issue with the home faithful. Liverpool was leading 2-0 at Anfield Saturday against Sunderland in an English Premier League… Read More »