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Euro 2020 Simulation

As of the writing of this blog post, there are over two million cases of coronavirus worldwide. Sports have been particularly affected, having all major seasons, events, and tournaments canceled. One of the most prominent of which is the rescheduling of the Euro. Obviously, these precautions were enacted with the safety of the athletes and… Read More »

A Brief History (And Defense) of VAR

With the advent of the National Football League passing new rules that allow for video replay in crucial pass interference plays, I want to again bring back a discussion that the English discussion section had regarding soccer’s Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR). During class, I was shocked at the general skepticism towards VAR. Majority of the… Read More »

Love it or Hate it, VAR is Here to Stay

Since its conception in various world football leagues in the early 2010s, VAR, or Video Assistant Referees, has become polarizing nuance to the longstanding game of football. For over a century, on-field referees have controlled the pace and fluidity of football games with calls made instantaneously against in-game rule infractions. After persistent lobbying from federations… Read More »

Le Football et les médias sociaux

Grâce aux avancés technologiques au fil des années, les médias sociaux est devenu une très grande partie de notre vie quotidienne. On utilise les réseaux sociaux comme Facebook, Twitter, et Instagram pour communiquer et afin qu’on soit au courant des actualités. En fait, les médias sociaux créent les liens entre les gens qui n’auraient jamais… Read More »

Will the U.S. Ever Truly Master the ‘Art’ of Soccer?

In Soccer in Sun and Shadow, Eduardo Galeano proclaims the United States to be “the home of baseball” and sarcastically describes efforts by the American media to herald soccer as “the sport of the future” during the 1994 World Cup. Americans, however, do not necessarily appreciate soccer to a lesser extent than others. As of… Read More »

Referee Complaints: A Part of the Game, or Pulling the Game Apart?

Is complaining to referees in soccer truly a part of the game? Or is it simply pulling the game apart? Although lacking a soccer background, sports have been a huge part of my life: I play lacrosse and also participated in football and basketball. The soccer culture is unfamiliar to me, and although I have watched… Read More »