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El Otro Madrid

Para muchos aficionados internacionales del fútbol, es frecuente olvidar de que hay dos clubes de suma calidad en Madrid. Por supuesto, todos conocen el Real Madrid, que según Forbes tiene 141 millones de siguientes en las redes sociales, un número más grande que todos salvo el Barcelona. Pero hay muchos que olvidan de que el… Read More »

La Temporada Turbulenta del Real Madrid

Esta temporada de 2017-2018 ha sido turbulenta para los madridistas. Antes de empezar la temporada, había murmullos de que Cristiano Ronaldo no estaba satisfecho con la situación en Madrid, que quizás tuvo que ver con la acusación de fraude fiscal. Después de experimentar una temporada muy exitosa en 2016-2017, ganando el doble de La Liga… Read More »

Euro 2004: The Greek shock

As we prepare our final projects on a variety of topics relating to the upcoming international competitions and as I work on a piece regarding the 2016 Euro Cup I am reminded of the last Euro Cup I ever paid attention too, the 2004 tournament in Portugal. As someone who isn’t an avid soccer fan… Read More »

Soccer and Terrorism

With terrorism garnering the majority of news headlines in the recent months and weeks, it is hard not to think of it impacting every aspect of daily life. Unfortunately, soccer is not immune from the dangers of terrorism. In fact, soccer matches have often been the target of many terrorist attacks, as stadiums are prime locations… Read More »

The End of an Era: Will There Be a European Super League?

Viewership and potential for profit set the stage for many of the biggest deals in sports around the world. It should come as no surprise that football, one of the most oft criticized sports for backroom deals and controversy over finances—see the Qatar 2022 World Cup issue—is once again at center stage for the future… Read More »

Gianni Infantino: The New President of FIFA

(Previous coverage of the 2016 FIFA election includes: “Meeting the FIFA Presidential Candidates” by Rachael Humke and “February 26th, 2016” by Nick Salzman) A few weeks ago we met the FIFA Presidential Candidates and now that the election has completed we can delve further into what to expect from the newly elected Gianni Infantino. The… Read More »