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Par tête et par cœur : comment Abby Wambach a sauvé équipe nationale féminine américaine (02/13/20)

La domination internationale de l’équipe nationale féminine américaine est tellement complète qu’il semble qu’elle a toujours été : quatre titres de Coupe du monde, quatre médailles d’or olympiques, et huit titres de CONCACAF ou Gold Cup féminine. Cependant, il n’y avait pas longtemps que la puissance de l’équipe que nous tous connaissons et admirons aujourd’hui… Read More »

Iconic Goal Celebrations

While some goals are remembered for their technique, others for game they won or trophy they secured, certain goals are remembered for the iconic celebrations that followed. In all leagues and on every national teams, players are raising their celebratory standards by creating new post-goal routines or mimicking legendary poses, and the results have given… Read More »

Where is Gerrard When You Need Him?

There are only two reasons in this world where a night owl like me might decide to voluntarily be awake at 6:30 in the morning on a weekend. The first is if I simply haven’t gone to bed yet from the night before. The second, and undoubtedly more justified reason, is to experience the mesmerizing… Read More »

La Injusticia del Trofeo Zamora

Todos los años, el Trofeo Zamora, el premio al “mejor” portero del año de la Liga Santander, es otorgado por el diario deportivo Marca al portero que menos goles ha recibido (siempre y cuando haya jugado más de 28 partidos con 60 minutos jugados en cada uno). ¿Pero, acaso es justo este indicador para decidir… Read More »

Understanding the need for more defense-minded fans

While phrases such as ‘defense wins championships’ are constantly thrown around sports, many spectators would much prefer to attend a high-scoring battle than a neck and neck 0-0 affair. Strong defense, unfortunately, often goes unappreciated. Games such as Duke men’s basketball’s 52-50 low-scoring battle with Virginia Saturday get classified by the teams’ ‘sloppy offense’ and… Read More »

Defining Clutch in Football

As I was discussing Alex Morgan’s 100th goal with a friend, they brought up an interesting point; “aren’t the goals Morgan’s been scoring better because you have to consider the situations in which they’re scored, and the older players [Wambach, Akers, Hamm] would just beat up on teams that were less developed and have 3… Read More »

La mano de Dios: el gol y su significado

“La mano de Dios” es el nombre del primer gol anotado en el partido entre Argentina e Inglaterra durante los cuartos de final de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol de 1986. Este gol es considerado por muchos como uno de los más controvertidos en la historia del fútbol. Para entender la importancia del gol, es… Read More »