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A Fanless EPL

In the last month, professional soccer, as well as almost all other professional sports, has been completely suspended as a precautionary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some leagues are still suspended indefinitely, while others have tentatively set dates for when they would like to return to normal activities. Most of the scheduled return dates aren’t… Read More »

La Injusticia del Trofeo Zamora

Todos los años, el Trofeo Zamora, el premio al “mejor” portero del año de la Liga Santander, es otorgado por el diario deportivo Marca al portero que menos goles ha recibido (siempre y cuando haya jugado más de 28 partidos con 60 minutos jugados en cada uno). ¿Pero, acaso es justo este indicador para decidir… Read More »

Football vs Fútbol: El Mundial y el Super Bowl

Cuando escuchas la palabra “fútbol”, podría ser una de dos cosas, depende del contexto. En los Estados Unidos, esta palabra se refiere al fútbol americano, pero en todas las demás partes del mundo, se refiere a un deporte diferente. Durante muchos años, los fanáticos de los dos deportes no se han solapado la mayor parte… Read More »

The Beauty of Hating Top Teams

At some point of my football fandom, I’ve developed this irrational hostility towards the “top” teams in football leagues – Bayern Munich, Barcelona, the two Manchester teams, Paris Saint German, and many other teams capable of winning titles. A good part of that hostility comes from their ego-bloated transfer policies, which seem little more than… Read More »

War and reprieve for British fans (and Liberals): Price drops in TV soccer on the horizon

The British media was reporting on Sunday (here, and here for example) that fans will be paying less to watch their games at home next season. The news comes after Ofcom, the regulatory body of the British government, announced measures forcing the TV giant Sky to lower prices perceived as threatening competition. Sky hold a… Read More »